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Wild Hearts blends the power of nature and technology. Tasked with hunting fearsome beasts—the Kemonos—to stop their destruction through Azuma and restore Minato, players must use every tool in their arsenal to defeat these nature-infused creatures. However, doing so is not an easy task. With multiple Karakuris available, they must use the correct weapon at the proper time and prep beforehand when entering a battle. Like in other MH games, hunters must learn the attack pattern of the Kemono they’re facing.

Sellers can help players with difficulty getting to grips with Wild Hearts by offering leveling services. If they prefer a more hands-on approach, sellers can coach and accompany the buyer during hunts. Since it’s possible to play with three people at a time, sellers can invite their friends during a buyer’s coaching session.

Tips to Become An Expert Hunter

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Tsukumo

Tsukumos are those small, adorable orb creatures that assist players in battle. They’re nifty little things; they can provide resources, heal players, and even attack Kemonos. But note that not all these will be available from the start. At the start, the Tsukumo will only follow hunters around, but the more they befriend and discover Tsukumos, the more they gather cogs. These cogs can enhance their Tsukumo and enable them to assist the player better in battle. Plus, it lets the user hold more Karakuri threads at once.

Unlock Powerful Karakuris

There are three main categories of Karakuri: Basic Karakuri, Fusion Karakuri, and Dragon Karakuri. Basic Karakuri doesn’t require a lot of resources to craft, and you have them at the start of the game. Examples include the torch, crate, and spring. Meanwhile, a Fusion Karakuri is a combination of multiple Basic Karakuris and is intended for countering Kemono attacks. The repeater crossbow, pounder, and star bomb belong in this category. Finally, the Dragon Katakuri requires Celestial Thread, but they’re well worth it since they affect a hunter’s hunting grounds. Karakuris, such as the flying vine, wind vortex, and hunting tower, make it easier for players to traverse around areas.

At the start of the game, players will have access to the basic Karakuris. Still, if they want to have an easier time fighting stronger Kemonos and exploring a map, they can unlock more powerful Karakuris through the skill tree.

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