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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Why Sell Warface Accounts?

Though it may not be as popular as other mainstream FPS games such as Valorant and CS:GO, Warface is still considered a great FPS game in its own right. With its entry into the Esports scene, more players are getting to know the game more. More players will be pouring into the game as Warface gets more recognition. Gamers who are looking to sell Warface accounts can definitely make sales to old and new players alike if they put out the right offer.

What Would Increase the Value of Warface accounts?

For people who want to sell Warface accounts, they have some factors they consider in order to make a good offer with their accounts. The three most important factors are account rank, golden guns, and skins. Some players would want to buy accounts with ranks that match their actual skill level. Others might simply be looking for accounts with a full set of golden guns or skins with stat boosters. In general, possession of any kind of golden gun will fetch a high price for the account being sold. Here are the other factors that sellers should consider:

Rank Name

Rank Level

Bronze Hero

30 - 26

Silver Hero

25 - 21

Gold Hero

20 - 16

Bronze Elite

15 - 10

Silver Elite


Gold Elite

4 – 1

Skins with Bonus Sprint Stamina

  • 40% Bonus Sprint Stamina: Special Suit, Aurora Squad, Domination Squad, C.S.F., Paragon Squad, Arctic Squad, Exosuit AOS M2, and SAS Squad
  • 50% Bonus Sprint Stamina: Nanosuit, Ghost Squad, Female Nanosuit, Atlas SFG, and C.O.S.
  • 60% Bonus Sprint Stamina: Blackwood, Samurai, Peacekeeper, Elite Arachnid, and Shapeshifter
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