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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Selling UNDECEMBER Items for Real Money

Sellers help fellow Ruin Hunters by providing quality items to buyers needing them. The former get paid in real money. The latter enjoys a more powerful hunter without the tedious grind of farming. It’s a win-win.

Ways to Farm UNDECEMBER Items

The problem is sellers must be the ones to farm for their stock. Otherwise, what could they sell? Here are some ways sellers can keep up their supply of UNDECEMBER items to sell.

  1. Killing Mobs

    It’s the simplest way to farm items, especially equipment to dismantle. The resulting items from the dismantling can be used to enhance existing equipment or sell directly to others. Unfortunately, it is also the most repetitive method, making it easy to burn out from the monotony.

  2. Crafting and Alchemy

    Crafting means taking existing equipment and modifying its attributes and characteristics. Of course, the hunter needs materials to do it. Fortunately, they’re easy to obtain through disassembly and dungeon running.

    Alchemy can only create potions and runes. The materials are also simple to obtain, though rarer ones for higher grades are suitably more challenging to farm. Still, having quality stock is better for the business than the alternative.

  3. Doing Quests

    While the rewards for completing them could be untradeable, they can reward helpful things for the above methods. It’s not a direct benefit, but it helps the seller do the mentioned ways more efficiently, which is always a plus.

    Sellers can find an online marketplace that provides security, freedom, and a bustling community. Those characteristics create an environment for increasing profits, perfect for online sellers. The last even guarantees that there’s a buyer for every offer on the site!

Enjoy UNDECEMBER, and have fun farming!

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