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Sell Tiny Tina’s Wonderland Gold to Players

Compared to previous Borderlands titles or even Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragonkeep, Gold is highlighted as an important resource in Wonderland. Early in the game, players will be low on funds and don’t have access to all the fantastic weapons. Tiny Tina's Wonderland will drop a ton of loot throughout their playthrough as they progress. Still, their rarity isn’t something worth talking about. Suppose sellers have extra Gold Bars lying around in their pouch. In that case, they can opt to sell them in third-party marketplaces that specialize in dealing with digital assets.

How to Farm TTW Gold Easily

There are several ways a player can increase their Gold gains in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. If they follow the tips below, they could spend their riches on anything they desire or sell the Gold for profit.

  1. Farm Bosses: Rinse and Repeat

    Thanks to how the game handles Enemy Scaling, farming bosses are a mere cakewalk in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. Whenever a player revisits a boss, that boss will always be one level above the player (until they reach the maximum level cap). This means that farming them will always result in a generous amount of EXP. This counts for all bosses; all bosses seem to drop the same amount of EXP, regardless of how far a player is within the game world or story. Because of this, sellers can revisit the earliest bosses in the game and farm them repeatedly for EXP and, more importantly, Gold.

    This method will help players gain levels by giving their Legendary gear as they level up, but it’ll also fill their pockets with heaps of Gold. One of the easiest bosses to farm is the Banshee (located in Weppwild Dankness). The Banshee has a trio of Vending Machines and even a spawn point outside her boss chamber. However, the best part of the Banshee is that she has no extra in-game cutscenes or second phase. She’ll whittle away and perish as players reduce her health. This is because her weak spot is easy to hit, especially when she goes into a stationary mode.

  2. Use the Goblin Pickaxe of Crusher

    Acquiring this Legendary item can be tiring since you need to defeat an annoying boss until he drops it. But when you do, rest assured that it was not all for naught. The Goblin Pickaxe helps players earn Gold fast; it grants them Gold every time they land a hit. While this item isn’t valuable during the early game since the Gold that enemies drop isn’t a lot, it performs better when sellers are in the late game. Besides the advantage of earning more Gold than ever, the Goblin Pickaxe also boosts their movement speed.

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