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What Traders Offer When They Sell The Grand Mafia Account

When buyers are looking for someone willing to sell a TGM account, there’s a few things that they want, and every buyer has their own needs and requirements that they want a seller to fulfil. Generally, when selling an account, sellers take the following into consideration:

  • Account level
  • Enforcers recruited
  • Enforcer upgrades
  • Buildings constructed/upgraded
  • Turf level
  • Number of associates and how upgraded are they
  • Resources stocked up (currencies, materials, etc.)

A high account level means that more in-game features have been unlocked. That can mean more enforcers, a bigger army of associates, and more resources. Plus, it unlocks upgrades and increases the capacity to hold resources and a bigger army. Much of the needed characteristics for what a buyer will see as an attractive offer hinge on the account level.

The others are pretty self-explanatory. More upgraded enforcers mean strong units to rely on. Turf level may not be an accurate indicator of strength, but still useful as a general baseline to consider. Associates are the player’s manpower in battles so a bigger number is better. As for resources, players need them to build and upgrade stuff.

All these things come together and will not only increase the price at which the account is sold, but also the amount of attention it gets from prospective buyers. When a seller wants to price their account fairly, they examine similar offers posted by others to get an idea of how much a buyer is willing to pay for their offer.

How Sellers Find an Online TGM Marketplace

For sellers, finding a marketplace to create offers and sell their account is one of the first things that they need to do. Sellers want to use a platform on which they feel safe and are confident that their trades will go through smoothly with both sides of the transaction receiving their goods. They may also want to use a site with a large community as this increases their chances of finding a buyer interested in their offer.

Some options that sellers might look into are social media, forums, and chatrooms when looking for a place to sell their account. While some sellers do choose to use these, they generally aren’t among the top choices. This is due to the difficulty in finding buyers, the increased communication needed to close a sale, and the risky nature of trusting that the other party will fulfil their side of the bargain with no escrow or protection system in place. As a result, sellers and buyers prefer to use player-to-player trading marketplaces.

Sellers also like to use platforms that have reputation systems that provide feedback on traders within the community. By being able to view and provide feedback for a trader, gamers are able to tell which users are the best to trade with.

Gamers considering selling an account can find more information in the game’s policies and rules to learn about the risks of trading online.

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