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Make Money Playing Star Trek Online

Many new players will be looking for a powerful ship to get themselves kickstarted in STO. And a ship is nothing without a skillful crew or experienced captain. It can take many hours for them to accumulate everything they need in order to fully enjoy STO. Therefore, sellers can get paid to help some newbies get ahead in the game. Whether it be trying to reach the level cap or obtaining a shiny, new ship, there's lots for sellers to do in Star Trek Online.

Tips on How to Level Up Fast in Star Trek Online

Compared to other online games, leveling up in STO can be a tad tricky to actually do. There are 50 levels that players can advance on for all of the three factions in the game: Klingon, Romulan, and the Federation. Level advancement can be typically done by engaging in combat, but players can also opt to complete missions or even by crafting. The reason why there are gamers that get Star Trek Online boosting services is that whenever they level up, they get to have rewards and unlock certain abilities that weren’t available to them at first. These can come in the form of a free ship of their choice, additional trait slots, and many more. Down below are some of the best ways to level up quickly in Star Trek Online.

1. Doing Story Missions

Many consider stories in games to be the heart and soul of it, but if a buyer doesn’t mind not learning the lore and additional background information of certain characters in the game, then the story missions are going to be a seller’s best bet in leveling up quickly. At least, until they reach level 50. The great thing about the story missions is that they’re pretty straightforward and the players' builds, whether good or bad, won’t matter too much. The building part will only come into play once after players step past that hurdle, but if they’re lower than level 50, then they don’t need to worry about it all that much. So long as they have a decent gear/build, finishing the story missions can feel like a cakewalk compared to the endgame content that they’re about to experience later on.

2. The Delta Quadrant Story Arc

For the folks that are past level 50, they’ve probably noticed that the difficulty curve suddenly shot up. This is due to the XP requirement being increased by a large margin, and at that point, they’ll have to think carefully about their build. The best way to level up if a player is above level 50 is to begin the story arc in the Delta Quadrant. They can also do some Red Alerts along the way which nets a pretty hefty amount of XP. However, keep in mind that sub-par builds won’t always cut it. Sure it’s possible to complete certain missions with a basic build, but for example, if they are to deal with Vaadwaur later on, players would immediately be annihilated if they aren’t well-prepared.

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