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Make Money Playing Sons of the Forest

Living off an island can be challenging, but how much more if that island is home to mutants and cannibals? Not everyone can live off the land, so this is where the sellers come in. By offering buyers leveling services, they can make money while playing Sons of the Forest. They can either accompany the buyer on their server or use their account for the boosting process. Regardless of which option they choose, they’ll be able to gain profit while playing a game that they love in the end.

The Importance of the Strength Icon

The strength icon indicates one of the most important vitals in Sons of the Forest. It dictates a player's strength, such as how easy it is to chop down trees, their vitality, and how much damage they deal. Maintaining it is an integral part of the game’s experience.

Like most RPGs, players will need more and more XP the higher they level up. This usually means that the higher the level, the more challenging it is to farm XP. But make no mistake—offering leveling services for Sons of the Forest’s strength icon is a surefire for them to make some dough.

There are many different types of activities sellers can engage in to increase the strength icon, most of which are melee. Most actions require physical strength, like picking resources or using an axe to chop trees. More or less, any action done with a melee weapon qualifies under this, and it’ll directly contribute to a player’s strength.

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