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Why Sell Seven Knights II Accounts?

Netmarbe’s previous Seven Knights game was quite popular, and it is expected that the second game will be able to achieve the amount of success and recognition the previous one had. Seven Knights II is also a gacha game making its gameplay addicting in nature. The game will be able to attract fans from gacha fans and fans from the previous game too. Since acquiring units is based entirely on chance and luck, many players will not be able to get the characters they desire easily. Gamers who are looking to sell Seven Knights II accounts can take this opportunity to make a profit, especially if they own a desirable unit. Sellers will never find a shortage of players hungry for great units as Seven Knights 2 Season 2 rolls in.

Which Units are Valuable?

For Seven Knights II, the main selling point of accounts is the units or characters. Each unit will have their own niche or value depending on what situation they are in. For players who are more focused on grinding and farming content, they are more likely to buy units good in PvE while those who are more PvP oriented will buy characters suited for that aspect. Ideally, it is always better to own an S tier for each aspect to make the accounts more profitable. Here are the ranking tiers to help sellers understand which units to focus on getting:

For PvE:

  • S Tier – Dellons, Eileen (Empress of Fodina), Ian, Kris (Nightmare Tracker), Rudy (Knight of Light), Rudy (Ultimate Guardian), Serena, and Shay
  • A Tier – Adel, Claire (Scarlet Volley), Cheng Chen (Nestra’s Disciple), Cosette, Guilahan, Henry (Elena’s Sword), Lukey (Nestra’s Disciple), Melissa (Nestra’s Disciple), Miss Velvet (Sanguine Rose), Neo, Rachel, Scott (Elena’s Sword), and Shane
  • B Tier – Claire, Henry, Iota, Lene, Lene (Elena’s Sword), Lukey, Ming, Rudy (Recluse), Scott, Spikey, Theon, Valdur, and Wendigo
  • C Tier – Casper, Cheng Chen, Eileene (Hooded), Juju, Kade, Kade (Elena’s Sword), Melissa, Miss Velvet, Tristan, and Tristan (Fortress of Steel)

For PvP:

  • S Tier – Dellons, Eileen (Empress of Fodina), Ming, and Rudy (Ultimate Guardian)
  • A Tier – Kris (Nightmare Tracker), Miss Velvet (Sanguine Rose), Neo, Shane, and Valdur
  • B Tier – Claire (Scarlet Volley), Cosette (Magic Automata), and Spike
  • C Tier – Juju
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