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There are many ways to earn by playing Roblox. Among them, one of the most surefire means to do so is to sell Roblox Account.

Why Sell Roblox Account

It should go without saying that the biggest reason to sell a Roblox Account is to earn money. There are, however, more practical and more altruistic reasons to get into selling. For the former, it’s better to make money out of an old Roblox account rather than let it sit on a corner of the internet, not growing and accomplishing anything. In the hands of an experienced player, it definitely will.

Another practical reason to sell an account would be its Robux and Avatar Shop items. As long as the game is still running and has a considerably sized player base, Robux and Avatar shop items will continue to have value. While Roblox is not in any danger of shutting down, prospective sellers should start selling their accounts now instead of waiting later on.

Also, like what’s been previously mentioned, selling an account helps impatient players. Roblox doesn’t make players feel compelled to grind, as it’s simply about playing all sorts of games. The game, of course, has persistent elements that give players a sense of progress and continuity, but they don’t grant perks or rewards. They are simply markers of how long a player has been playing Roblox or at least a specific mini-game. Nevertheless, impatient players that want to have those items right off the bat are willing to pay good money for an account that has them.

As for those that want to sell a Roblox account but will only make an account now, it’s going to take much time and dedication. At the same time, it’s not impossible to start from scratch and eventually have an account that would fetch a good price if sold. The time it takes depends on how dedicated is to playing Roblox.

What Roblox Games Are Popular

Here are the most popular Roblox games. It’s important to take note of them, as it’s mostly these games that increase the account’s price. First off is Adopt Me, which is the most popular Roblox game and is significantly more popular than the second. It’s a real-life simulation game, kind of like Sims or Second Life. However, instead of only focusing on their clothes, careers, and houses, Adopt Me is centered on pets. While players start with the usual cats and dogs, they can, later on, have animals that are usually not considered as pets in real life, such as elephants, rhinos, and polar bears, extinct ones like the Pterodactyl, and even mythical ones like phoenixes and dragons.

Like what’s been said before, Tower of Hell is the second most popular Roblox Game. It’s a simple platforming game where the only objective is to climb the top of the tower. That, however, is not easy, given the many obstacles on the way to the top, and even the earlier floors are a struggle to get up from. Thankfully, players can buy gears, which modifies the usual avatar movement, giving players an edge to finally succeed.

MeepCity is a curious case. It’s another real-life simulator, and the game is named after an in-game pet, the meep. It, however, doesn’t do much, so the main focus is also about dressing up, improving one’s house, and generally getting a better social standing. What sets it apart, however, would be its minigames, Starball Obby and MeepCity: Racing.

As sellers, they have the freedom to put any price on their Roblox Accounts for Sale. At the same time, it is highly recommended that they keep the price close to its actual value. This is to ensure that potential players will not buy from another seller, as well as to ensure that the seller still profits.

The value of a Roblox account is affected by the following traits:

  • Account’s overall level
  • The total amount of Robux
  • Total value of items from the Avatar Shop
  • Level of account in popular games
  • Total amount of currency and items in popular games

As for Robux and Avatar Shop items, a common reason why players prefer to buy an account is that it is frequently cheaper to do so than to buy Robux and Avatar Shop items directly. This should be an important consideration when setting a price to

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