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Redfall has many things to do, from completing quests to simple mind-boggling explorations. Whatever you decide to do, something new will always be found and unlocked. There are also specific achievements and milestones that many gamers would like to achieve, like reaching level 40. 

Unfortunately, Redfall can be a grindy game due to the number of runs you need to do to level up or find cosmetic items. Many have reported that just reaching the max rank would require you to do at least three reruns of the game. Meanwhile, outfit drops by chance, so farming explorations are the only guaranteed way of getting them under. 

If you are a gamer who has mastered the ins and outs of Redfall and is fully committed to the game, you can offer your services to other players and help them unlock various content. You can either help level up or find cosmetic items for their characters. You can do this by piloting their accounts or accompanying them in co-op. Earn money by helping other gamers progress through Redfall.

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