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Why Sellers Should Sell Ravendawn Silver  

Ravendawn has a highly competitive player-driven economy, which can significantly alter the prices of essential items and sets. Gamers who want to be on top or ensure they can keep up with end-game content always need a stack of money in case they need an upgrade. Silver is a valuable resource for activities such as Infusions and auctioning powerful armor and weapons.  

Because of the economy, the prices of commodities can quickly go up depending on the demand. Gamers might need more silver for price changes, especially if they need new sets or materials to upgrade their equipment. Fortunately, elite players can take advantage of this setup to earn money.  

Players can transfer their silver to others by buying wares they sell in the Market. This feature allows sellers to sell as much money as they want for real-world cash. Since many gamers need an abundance of this currency to keep scaling, sellers can find customers willing to buy their silver.  

Best Way to Farm Ravendawn Silver  

The best method to quickly gain silver is through the Tradepack system. By transporting goods from one place to another, gamers earn profit depending on the price value in each location. Sellers need to know the ins and outs of this feature to ensure they maximize their profits. Here are some tips for earning Silver via Tradepacks:  

  • Always Check the Market – Not all tradepacks are worth doing. Depending on the destinations, some products are worth more than others, so choose carefully which goods you want to transport to make the most of your time.  
  • Plan the Route – Sellers must ensure they know the roads and pathways when dealing with tradepacks. Gamers can transport these goods via land or sea, and the latter is faster. However, PvP battles can always happen on the water, and players lose their tradepacks if they die. Sellers should make sure they have a well-planned route to avoid getting robbed.  
  • Power Up – Sometimes, players can’t avoid engaging others in PvP. If pirates constantly harass sellers, powering up should be their best bet. They won’t need to worry about getting robbed if they can take down any potential aggressors. 
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