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Why Sell Punishing Gray Raven Accounts?

Punishing Gray Raven is a very addicting hack and slash type of game. The game’s anime art style combined with its fun gameplay makes it appealing to a large array of audiences. In addition, the game also features a gacha system that gives players access to a dozen great characters. Since Punishing Gray Raven is a gacha game, getting units is based on luck or RNG. This means that a lot of gamers will not have a fun and easy time getting their desired units. Lucky for them, there are some players who are willing to part with their Punishing Gray Raven accounts in exchange for real-world money. Sellers can make a profit from selling their overly powerful S-tier units or their highly coveted utility characters.

Which Units Sell More?

In any gacha game, some units are worth more than others. Units that are rarer, stronger, or have greater utility tend to be more coveted than the average units. Punishing Gray Raven is no different from other games with gacha systems. The characters in the game are divided into three classes: attacker, support, and tank. In each tier, there will be those who are S tier due to their overall usefulness while some will be ranked much lower due to their limitations. Here is the tier list for the game to help guide sellers on who to focus on pulling:


  • S Tier - Karenina Blast and Karenina Ember
  • A Tier – Bianca Zero and Watanabe Astral
  • B Tier – Lucia Crimson Abyss
  • C Tier – Lee Palefire, Watanabe Nightblade, and Lee Entropy
  • D Tier – Lucia Lotus and Lucia Dawn


  • A Tier – Liv Luminance
  • B Tier – Liv Eclipse and Liv Lux


  • B Tier – Kamui Tenebrin and Nanami Pulse
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