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Once Human is a multiplayer survival game that focuses on storytelling and robust game mechanics like scavenging materials, crafting weapons, building bases, and upgrading them. The grind for this game is immense, considering the vast open-world environment it presents to its players. Since Once Human is intensive in its loop of gathering, crafting, building, and upgrading, the overall feel of the game may seem repetitive.

Players who are tired of grinding Once Human can choose to sell their account in a trusted marketplace. This ensures that the account will not be idle and be in possession of someone who can dedicate their time to playing the game.

Those who choose to sell their Once Human account may want to check the latest trends in pricing to see how their account fares to the current pricing. Some considerations include weapons, weapon skins, exclusive items (Battle Pass, cosmetics, or limited-time) and in-game currencies available. If the account has Crystgins, the premium currency of Once Human, then the price is higher than an account that does not.

Why Sell Once Human Account

Players tired of grinding Once Human can earn a bit of cash through selling their account. There are buyers wanting to try out the game and want to have a head-start. Therefore, they'd benefit from buying off someone else's account. Another reason to sell a Once Human account is that there are some players who want to have a fresh start in the game. This motivation gives them the opportunity to redo some quests that they feel like they did poorly, or they just want to have a different feel to the game by starting from scratch.

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