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How to Make Money Playing NHL 22: Understanding Zone & Superstar Abilities

The main goal of the Superstar X-Factor is to bring more to the table for the NHL series. By adding more personality and uniqueness to the gameplay of NHL 22, gamers can create more impactful moments on the ice whether they’re in the offensive or defensive zone. This is arguably a seller’s bread and butter in terms of making a bit of dough playing NHL 22. Since the Superstar X-Factor is a brand new concept, it’s going to take some time before gamers finally get the hang of it. By providing services that cater to teaching and understanding the idea behind the Superstar X-Factor, sellers can help their buyers how to play NHL better.

Zone Abilities are what’s usually reserved for the stars of the league that, while aren’t as good as other players such as Draisaitl, will still be able to provide some much-needed aid to assist the “better” players. Zone Abilities will be widely distributed among the entire NHL player base. As such, players can expect to see Zone Abilities in a wide variety of modes such as Franchise Mode, Be A Pro, and Hockey Ultimate Team.

Superstar Abilities, on the other hand, are reserved for the cream of the crop players in the league. Some of the well-known players that are a part of this are Leon Draisaitl, Andrei Vasileyvskiy, and Auston Matthews for example. A prime example would be Leon Draisaitl who will be given the ability to use his “Tape to Tape” Superstar Ability which highlights his passing when in the vicinity of the offensive zone. Meanwhile, Auston Matthews has the “Shock and Awe” ability that features his unique toe-drag into the shot, making him quite the overpowered player should he have a little bit of space to work within the offensive zone.

There’s still not a lot of players revealed in terms of who will have the “broken” Superstar Abilities, but as for Zone Abilities, gamers can expect almost all run-off-the-mill types of players to have some sort of general Zone Ability.

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