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Why Sell Mortal Kombat Mobile Accounts?

Mortal Kombat Mobile is one of the most accessible MK games in the franchise. With a lot of people owning mobile phones or smartphones, MK mobile also has the largest market potential. Players only need to install the game since it is F2P, and they can play the game without paying anything. In the game, Kombatants need to collect tons of cards in order to win various kombats and faction wars. Characters are unlocked by acquiring their cards, and they can be upgraded by equipping them with various equipment and support cards. Unfortunately, the process of acquiring characters and items is very tedious and will rely largely on luck.

A lot of players will be looking to acquire decent amounts of top-tier cards. For players who are looking to make money out of the game, they can take this opportunity to offer other gamers their accounts that already own tons of great cards. Since the game is very accessible and popular, sellers are sure to find willing customers who would buy their geared-up accounts.

How to Get Cards in the MK Mobile?

Unlike other games that rely on gacha or random pull rewards, MK Mobile offers very few ways to acquire great cards in the game. Though players can acquire characters via quest mode, these cards only average tier most of the time. In order to get stronger in the game, players will have to get S-tier cards from the Diamond and Gold rarities. For sellers, they need to increase the number of Diamond and Gold cards they have in their account in order to increase the value of their offers. Here are the ways to acquire great cards in the game:

  • Participating in Faction Wars
  • Buy Packs from the in-game Store
  • Complete Challenges

Fusing Cards

Another way of increasing the value of the sellers’ accounts is to make owned characters stronger. Other than equipping them with various items or support cards, gamers can also increase the stats of their Kombatants by fusing them with duplicates or equipment cards. However, fusions can be very costly, so players will have to save a lot of coins in order to reach the max fusion level. Here are the prices for each upgrade:

  • Fusion 0 – 5,000 Koins
  • Fusion I – 5,000 Koins
  • Fusion II - 5,000 Koins
  • Fusion III - 5,000 Koins
  • Fusion IV - 5,000 Koins
  • Fusion V - 20,000 Koins
  • Fusion VI - 50,000 Koins
  • Fusion VII - 125,000 Koins
  • Fusion VIII - 250,000 Koins
  • Fusion IX - 500,000 Koins
  • Fusion X – 1,000,000 Koins
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