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There are many ways to earn money playing Madden 24. Playing the game alone, however, will not rake in that much-wanted cash. Instead, players will have to play in such a way that others will benefit. One of those ways would be to play and then sell Madden 24 account.

Why Sell Madden 24 Account

It should be obvious that the biggest reason to sell a Madden 24 account is to earn a bit – or a lot, depending on the account. At the same time, selling an account is a huge help to players that do not have the time or the energy to train their players and do all the nitty-gritty stuff needed to improve the team.

Selling a Madden 24 Account also helps other players save money. Instead of them buying players with high ratings individually or taking their chances with card packs until they get a player – or players – with a high rating. This not only helps them get more value for their money but also helps them save the time it takes in finding a good deal and buying card packs over and over again.

As a live-service game, Madden 24 will only be running as long as it has enough revenue to sustain it. At the same time, EA releases a new Madden game every year. This means that the game will run for a good year, and at the second it won’t be getting as much support as the previous one. After all, players will be flocking to the new one, so Madden 24 will have a fewer player base by then. In turn, that means it’s going to be harder to sell an account, and accounts can no longer be sold just as much.

Lastly, team chemistry will also become a huge part of the game. While putting players with a high rating in a team helps, they must also have chemistry. Selling an account saves the buyer’s time needed to figure out which players do well together.  

More Reasons to Start Selling Madden 24 Account

Account sellers that have played Madden before but will only have now to start leveling up their Madden 24 account will have no problem, especially if they want to do it quickly. This is because everything in the game is familiar, and the game comes with various improvements and new features. Among these improvements, the most notable would be the AI, as it now utilizes real-world data, allowing them to move and react like real-life football players.

Also, Franchise Mode will be giving players more freedom this time around. The coaching crew, weekly strategy, and even the front office and the field, hiring coaching staff and coordinators - players will be able to personally take care of these things if they want to. Speaking of Weekly Strategy, it has been improved by allowing players to rely on coordinators and workload management. Doing so prevents players from being fatigued and injured. Lastly, planning pre and even mid-games will still be there, but that should already go without saying.  

These changes should be a big help streamlining the experience, and in turn, make the process of building an account worth selling much faster.

Setting a Price on a Madden NFL Account

As sellers, they can put any price on their Madden 24 Account to sell. It is, after all, their account. Nevertheless, it is recommended to keep the price close to the account’s actual value. In turn, this value is determined by the following traits:

  • Team Level 
  • Total Value of Players 
  • Overall progress in the game 
  • Amount of MUT Coins 

Another thing sellers can check out would be the price other sellers put on their accounts. This way, they can adjust their prices accordingly. Sellers can either lower their price or give it better content so that

Unlike previous releases, Madden comes with simpler edition choices this time. There is the standard edition, which only has the base game, and the MVP Edition, which includes a wide variety of bonuses, such as 40 Staff Points, Tom Brady Gear Capsule, 11 Team Fantasy packs, and many others.  

By keeping the account’s price close to its actual value and checking out the competition, potential buyers will be less likely to turn to other offers that sell an equally good account for a lower price. At the same time, it will also ensure sellers that they will still be making a profit.

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