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Players that have a knack for playing Mabinogi can sell Mabinogi Power Leveling services. This way, they can enjoy what they do best and earn good money at the same time. Leveling a character can take a lot of time thanks to the high-level cap, so a lot of people may need this kind of help.

Why Players Should Become a Mabinogi Power Leveler

There’s a lot going on in Mabinogi and it can be confusing to a new player. By offering power leveling services to them, players will be helping others get up on their feet instead of just waddling around like helpless toddlers. Whether it’s to get them used to the game or achieve the highest level possible, there’s a huge demand for boosting in general. Released by Nexon, Mabinogi is an MMORPG that takes inspiration from Mabinogion, a Welsh anthology of legend. Others refer to Mabinogi as “the MMORPG with no 12-year-old griefers and salty gatekeepers”. This is all thanks to the laid back and relaxed nature of the game, plus the fact that the Mabinogi community is one of the friendliest around—thanks to players who are always willing to assist newcomers.

1. Talent Boosting

Compared to other MMO titles, Mabinogi has a more open-ended conclusion that lets players remain in the world to explore. There’s always lots of things to do in the game besides killing enemies—one of which is continuously leveling up your talent. Basically, talents are referred to as the skills that your character is good at. These talents give character buffs such as stat boosts and double the training experience in the skill that it excels. Currently, there are seventeen talents to choose from. The great thing about Mabinogi is that it embraces change and choosing one talent over another won’t prevent you from learning other skills. Later in the game, players are able to change their talents thanks to the Rebirth System—letting them swap these in and out as they please. With an array of talents, it’s hard to level them up one by one. By offering your talent boosting services, you’ll be able to help players become better in some of their talents instead of them just relying on one talent.

2. Mentoring

While laidback, Mabinogi can still be daunting for new players who aren’t really used to playing MMORPGs. For example, newbies consider the combat system of Mabinogi to be overwhelming in terms of information and what to do in order to fully encapsulate its potential. As a result, these people miss out on a lot. Dungeons in Mabinogi are typically linear and each room or monster requires players to use a specific tactic to gain the upper hand. Having more advanced players coaching people will not only teach them how to kill enemies efficiently, but also help them have even more fun playing the game. Combat lessons are things that new players look for, so having a mentorship program for newbies is a great way to not only help the community gain even more players but also to earn a bit of money. And the best part is that it’s easier and more fulfilling compared to just boosting their account! All you have to do is simply log into your Mabinogi account and meet up with the buyer to begin the lesson!

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