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About Selling Ludo Titan Accounts for Real Money

Ludo Titan may be a simple game, but leveling up an account is complex. To win, players must bring all their tokens to the finish line. However, if another player's piece lands on the same tile (other than some special ones), they get sent back to the start.

It's a race where players attempt to sabotage each other to win. Since everything relies on the roll of a die, some element of luck is included in the game. That's where the powerups come in.

What Makes a Ludo Titan Account Valuable?

To make the most of selling a Ludo Titan account, there are a few things that make it more expensive:

  • High levels
  • Coins in the bank
  • Gems on hand
  • What kind of 'powerups' are available to use

Unfortunately, there is no basis for putting a price on virtual things, which makes selling them tricky. Still, the above characteristics generally have a 'the more of them in the account, the more expensive it can be' trend. Buyers tend to pick offers of a high-leveled account with many powerups, coins, gems, or all the above.

Powerups may be the most significant draw to buyers, as they directly represent 'power.' Levels, coins, and gems represent 'potential power,' as the player can be inexperienced. Still, it's up to the seller to decide which characteristic has the heaviest weight on the price. Trading platforms may have tools to help with this, such as trackers and account value calculators.

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