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How to Make Money Playing LotRo

In Lord of the Rings Online, there are many would-be Frodos out there who need help. Just like Sam’s indomitable spirit, power levelers are the help that these players need in order for them to carry out their mission. At the same time, they get to make money as well.

Why LoTRO Power Leveling

There is no going around it – the biggest reason players become a LoTRO Power Leveler is to earn money while playing. At the same time, however, it feels good to help a fellow player out — being able to use one's experience with LoTRO and applying it as a service for other players can be a means to make cash. Both the earning and the satisfaction are important factors to being a power leveler.

The Price of LoTRO Power Leveling Services

The price a power leveler can set depends on how many levels are being grinded for and how fast the process is going to be. The higher the levels and the quicker the service, the better. They are the ones that set the term, which in turn affect the price. At the same time, players that want to avail their services can also talk to the power leveler and ask if they can adjust the terms, and in turn adjust the price. It’s up to the power leveler if he or she will agree with the buyer, meet in the middle, or outright refuse it.

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