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Sell Hay Day Coins for Real Money

When selling Hay Day coins, the best place to set up shop is a trustworthy online marketplace. With those, sellers have access to a whole community of traders, customer services, and earning most of their profits. Other sites would take much of it through subscriptions and additional fees, so finding one without those is a treasure. Considering how grindy the game is, sellers can make a tidy profit offering their services farming coins for players.

Have fun playing Hay Day and earning coins and real money!

Farming Hay Day Coins to Sell

To be able to sell Hay Day coins, sellers must stock up first. Here are some ways to get the currency for saving up.

  1. Orders

    Sellers can complete truck, boat, and town orders for coins. For truck orders, they must accept the order from the board first. Only one will be posted at first, but higher levels will add more. If there comes a time that the player can't complete the order, they can ask for help from friends.

    Boats come by regularly on the dock. However, they first must repair the port for 14,000 coins and wait a day and 7 hours. When a boat arrives at the dock, it'll stay for 15-17 hours, during which the player can fill the order of the ship. They can also manually cast off the boat if they've filled the order. Otherwise, they must leave orders unfulfilled and not ask for help with any of them. The ship still leaves with or without an unfulfilled order if its time limit is up. Another one comes in about four hours.

    As for the town, the tasks ask the player to bring visitors to specific service buildings. When they arrive at the facility, they will also ask for produce. The player must repeat the process two more times (or less) before the visitor returns to the train station and leaves. This rewards coins, EXP, and Reputation points.

  2. Selling Items for Coins

    Players can sell their produce to other players and NPCs through the Roadside Shop. They can advertise their box through the Daily Dirt newspaper, making it visible to other players. You can promote another one after 5 minutes or use diamonds to skip the wait.

  3. Buying Low and Selling High with Tom

    This costs some diamonds, but you can hire Tom so you can buy from him and then sell what you bought for a profit. Hiring him for longer means more time to make runs which means more coins!

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