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The Witcher franchise is getting more popular due to the hype generated by the games and TV series. As more people get hooked into the Witcherverse, more fans will be trying to explore all related content to the franchise. As the standalone card game of the Witcher, TCG fans and gamers will be very much interested in trying out the game. Players will be drawn to the game’s unique decks and playstyle and will be inclined to play more normal and ranked matches. However, gamers might find that their experience is limited due to being unfamiliar with the decks, not having great cards, or not having enough time to grind ranked matches. Players who would like to offer power leveling services can be Gwent rating boosters and ore or scrap boosters. There are many reasons for gamers to look for Gwent grinders for hire and the opportunity to work are endless.

How to Rank Up in Gwent?

Like most TCG games, Gwent has ranked matches that enable players to battle other players with similar skill levels. As gamers progress through the rank ladder, the matches will become harder and harder. One of the most important factors that will determine the chances of winning is the deck being used. Some decks are stronger than others. For players who are looking to boost accounts for ELO boosting, here are the strongest decks for the current meta:

  • Skellige Berserker Decks
  • Monster Weather Deck
  • Norther Realm Deck
  • Scoia’tal Dwarven Melee Boost Deck
  • Nilfgaardian Spying Deck
  • Hidden Cache Syndicate Deck

How to Save Up Ores and Scraps?

Ores and scraps are the in-game currencies of Gwent. These currencies are used to craft card packs called Kegs or to craft cards from the collection. Players will need both of these tokens in order to gain more cards to complete and make more effective decks. For sellers, they should be aware on the methods of how to acquire these currencies. Here are ways on how players can earn both ores and scraps:


  • Playing more matches
  • Sending Good Game commendations.
  • Completing Daily Activities.
  • Completing Single-player quests


  • Playing more matches
  • Sending Good Game commendations
  • Milling cards
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