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Sell Forge of Empires Accounts Today

In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Sell Forge of Empires Account for Real Money

Are you a seller looking to make money from selling a Forge of Empire account? Do you have extra FoE accounts lying around? You can make money from selling them on PlayerAuctions. We are the most trusted website in the world when it comes to selling video game accounts and merchandise. Millions of sellers have used our website, and they have been satisfied with our services. Selling on our platform is very easy.

How to Sell Your Forge of Empires Account?

First, you need to register as a seller on PlayerAuctions. Once, you register as a seller, you can list your Forge of Empire accounts up for sale. All for free! You can choose ‘instant delivery’ to enable automatic delivery through our system. In this way, your account details will be sent to the buyer once he/she complete the payment process. This means you will get your money even quicker!

Otherwise you can choose manual delivery and set your delivery period. You will get an email notification once someone has purchased your account. You will then need to send the login details to the person. After the buyer confirms the delivery, the transaction is over. You will then receive your money in your AmazonPay account.

How Much is My FoE Account Worth in USD?

Most Forge of Empires accounts sell for between $50 to $500. The more features your account has, the higher you can sell it. Check the accounts that other sellers have for sale and use that to set your own price.

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