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How to Make Money Playing Eversoul

Players in Eversoul often want to rush as many battlefront stages as possible while unlocking daily missions to collect more resources. Being able to summon archives, artifacts and access to the Zodiac Shop gives gamers a better experience.

Such Eversoul is an idle game; players will notice that the level progression starts fast. But once they get to the late game, the leveling curve slows down, and they must have enormous amounts of resources if they want to max their units. This is where the sellers come in; by offering boosts to buyers, they can sell Eversoul leveling services to those that need assistance.

How to Level Up Fast in Eversoul

Do the Daily Missions

Once sellers have unlocked stages 4-10, they’ll want to complete the game's daily missions. Here’s the list they can complete:

  • Challenge Arena (1x)
  • Level Up Soul (1x)
  • Complete Battlefront (1x)
  • Enhance Keepsake (1x)
  • Receive Loot Reward (1x)
  • Try Gate Breakthrough (1x)
  • Try Dual Gate (1x)
  • Summon Artifact (1x)
  • Talk to 2 Souls
  • Send a Soul to Part Time Jobs (3x)

Events Are A Must

Like other gacha games, doing events is a no-brainer since they provide abundant resources to improve a player’s team. Events such as daily logins (attendance) are easy to complete since sellers only need to enter the game to obtain rewards. Besides that, they can join boot camps and other events requiring gamers to complete a set of mini missions. Eversoul gives its players a visual graph to see how much time they have to complete them, so it’s easy to track the different events and their end dates.

Use the Level Sync Function

Players can unlock the Level Sync feature after clearing stages 2-25’s main story; players can find it by tapping “The Ark.” The number of locked boxes can be an overwhelming sight, but make no mistake—it’s a convenient way to build teams with new characters.

For example, a buyer has five of your characters with the highest level. They can put them into the Level Sync grid, which sellers can use to sync up with other lower-level characters. This allows players to save a lot of resources when building up a character. As long as they start strong with high-level Souls, the Level Sync function will do the heavy lifting for them.

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