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In 2023, 25,733 sellers made cash from selling on PlayerAuctions.

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Selling Elite Dangerous Accounts for Real Money

Whether you’re quitting Elite Dangerous or want to be a regular Elite Dangerous account seller, the best place to do so would be here in PlayerAuctions.

Selling an Elite Dangerous account for cash is easy. Simply log in or register, and then create an offer with the detailed description of your account. You need to pick a delivery guarantee time based on your availability onsite. Or to make your life easier, we recommend you choose the 'instant delivery' option, for which we will deliver your account infomation automatically once there is a buyer. Once the buyer confirms delivery, you’ll be receiving the payment.

How to Set the Price for Your Elite Dangerous Account

When setting the price of your Elite Dangerous account for sale, keep in mind its Rank in Combat, Trade, Exploration, and CQC, amount of Credits, Engineer Levels, and the number and type of starships you have. The more or higher these account properties are, and the better the ships in the account, the more you can sell it at a higher price.

However, do note that we at PlayerAuctions are only giving recommendations on how to price your accounts. We do not set a mandatory price for accounts or any other gaming-related assets that sellers must adhere to. Thus, it’s still entirely up to you how much you’re going to sell your account. Nevertheless, pricing it right will ensure that you won’t lose out on earning, and potential buyers won’t be put off.

As a seller on PlayerAuctions, you have a few perks you’ll be enjoying here that you won’t find in other third-party player-to-player sites, namely:

  • Privacy and security – PlayerAuctions staff and will not inquire about and do not have access to your personal info.

  • Lower seller costs – we at PlayerAuctions have lower seller costs compared to other third-party trading sites. That means more profit for you.

  • Choice in Disbursement Method – to give our sellers a convenient selling experience, we have given them the freedom to choose which payment method is the most hassle-free for them. Of course, AmazonPay is included.
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