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Few gaming franchises in history have managed to enjoy the lofty heights that Elder Scrolls has reached. With an utterly immersive style of gameplay rooted in rich lore as a backdrop, it’s really no wonder why the game commands such a diverse and loyal following. And much like other successful high fantasy games, Elder Scrolls also has its very own card game in the form of Elder Scrolls Legends. The competitive strategy game takes the tried-and-tested elements from its root game and expands upon them even further in card game form where players can craft their own decks to lay siege upon their foes in Tamriel.

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To sell your Elder Scrolls: Legends account, simply follow these quick steps:

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  3. Once a buyer selects your offer, upload the login details to our system so we can release them to the buyer
  4. The buyer will then make the confirmation through our system to conclude the transaction and we’ll release your payment
  5. Congratulations on making a sale! Keep posting offers to keep earning easy cash!

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What Makes Elder Scrolls Legends a Great Game?

It’s a well-known fact that the market for CCG (Collectible Card Game) is very much crowded. Be that as it may, Elder Scrolls: Legends may very well be a standout among the rest of the pack simply because of the success that the Elder Scrolls franchise has enjoyed over the years. Aside from the tried-and-tested lore that sets Elder Scrolls apart, Legends also has a few fresh and very much compelling ideas to a somewhat stale CCG mechanic. Though it’s not the most aesthetically appealing CCG by a long shot, it does make up for this shortcoming by going the extra mile in terms of mechanics, modes, and intricate card designs. Fans of Elder Scrolls and Digital Card Games in general ought to be thankful for this.

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