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About eFootball PES 2021

PES is the longstanding rival of the FIFA series, considering their similar premises. Their differences include PES having more realistic in-game physics. PES also has fictional (but still based on real-life players) characters instead of using the exact likenesses and names of players.

Still, fans made ‘patches’ that fixed that issue for those who want to turn up the realism of the game. It’s up to the game’s players to take that option or not. Though the main idea is a cosmetic change, some patches adjust stats to better reflect the real person’s skills and abilities. That can lead to having unfair advantages or being handicapped depending on who they’re competing against.

At any rate, the goal remains the same for both games. Those who play the game would collect team members, play matches, and make their own custom team.

How Players Sell their PES 2021 Account

When a gamer decides to sell their account, they generally want to know they are trading with someone that they can trust. Otherwise, they might worry that their deals could go wrong, meaning buyers would stop buying from them. As a result, most sellers prefer to sell their account on a site with a large userbase, as this indicates that the site has an active community of traders and is reputable among sellers and buyers alike.

How Does a PES 2021 Account Seller Set their Price?

Not all sellers are absolutely sure how to price their PES 2021 account when putting it up for sale. Consequently, they might turn to online tools such as account value calculators to try and make a decision. Another commonly used method is to compare prices between other accounts already being sold. When doing this, they will generally compare and contrast the characteristics of their account with the ones being sold to make a judgement call on how much they want to sell their own account for.

These are some characteristics that both sellers and buyers might look into:

  • Available/Collected Team Members - A strong team is definitely a draw for buyers. Accounts with teams that have good synergy and win rates can be very attractive as well. Sellers that curate and cultivate their teams well usually have an easy time finding buyers online. More than that, collecting trainers, managers, and coaches can raise the amount that a buyer is willing to pay for an account too.
  • Amount of GP Currently Owned - While these are mostly used for transfers, having enough for further transfers lets buyers customize the team for their preferences. Certain kinds of buyers would like this feature, though some may want their team ready to go. Having a stockpile of other currencies such as Club Coins can also raise the value of the account.

Players who are considering selling or buying an account should also read the rules, regulations, policies, and terms the game has. Further information can be found in the online marketplace's policies.

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