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Items are abundant in Dungeonborne, and players won’t find a shortage of them every time they raid a map. However, bringing them home is a whole new matter, as there will be hostile monsters and people waiting to kill them at every opportunity. Dying in this game means gamers lose everything on their person, and death is a frequent occurrence. 

Due to the fast-paced nature of Dungeonborne, players will lose more items at an alarming rate if they keep dying repeatedly. This becomes a problem because gamers will lose robust and reliable gear that can help them loot and survive each run. These sets need constant replacement, and players should always have backup items ready if they lose what they have equipped.

Sellers can take advantage of this mechanic by offering players tons of things. Vendors can supply the community with Dungeonborne items and ensure everyone has good-quality backup gear upon death. Sellers can quickly gain huge profits since many players in this game die frequently, which means many will need great replacement equipment.

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