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Things Sellers Know About Selling Dragon Raja Accounts

There comes a time where some things that might be beneficial for a person pop up but it’s too late. This goes the same for a game such as Dragon Raja. Like other RPGs, there are some well-kept secrets about certain areas and such in the game. These bonuses/secrets greatly differ, but at the end of the day what matters is that those secrets have now been spilled. Here are some of the things that sellers know about Dragon Raja:

  1. Claiming CD Keys

    CD Keys are gift codes that players can use to redeem some nifty stuff from the game. These CD Keys are often given as prizes to players through Dragon Raja’s official Facebook page or their website. Most of the time, Archosaur Games, the developer of Dragon Raja, gives these codes to players who have participated in certain limited time events that were held. CD Keys are also given as compensation whenever developers have noticed a few bugs in the game that they’ll of course address. Think of it as a way for the developers to thank its players for sticking around despite some of the issues that plague Dragon Raja. So just what can gamers get in CD Keys? Well, it depends. Some keys give out pet packs and gift bags, while others contain Diamonds which is one of the premium currencies in the game. Players will have to act quickly if they want to get the CD Keys that are still available though, as these codes expire rather quickly and are only available for a limited amount of time. If a code is expired, there’s no way to redeem what’s inside the code any longer. The solution? Wait for the next code that will be released on Dragon Raja’s social media platforms.

  2. Don’t Forget to Check the Pet Interface

    There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to Dragon Raja’s interface. Since the RPG is all about customization, there are a few that struggle to figure out the user interface in the game. While the various complexities and attention to detail of Dragon Raja make it all the more interesting, people often forget to check the certain interfaces that are available. One of those interfaces that are sadly forgotten by so many gamers is the pet interface. In Dragon Raja, players have access to pets that get to follow them around on their journey and give extra bonuses. A cute companion certainly won’t hurt, but players forget that they have to feed their pets to make them stronger. Through the pet interface, gamers can feed, upgrade, and even evolve their pets into a mightier version of themselves which can make them more beneficial as a travel buddy. Players can have more than one pet in Dragon Raja, which makes collecting them even more fun! There are a lot of different interfaces in the game, so be sure to not neglect them. Otherwise, players will have to pay for the consequences later on when they realize they haven’t upgrade anything about their character besides their level.

  3. Stick With A Group

    Some players like to be a lone wolf when playing an MMORPG, but what usually happens is that they have a harder time getting things done. Sticking together with a party or a guild in Dragon Raja opens up what the game has to offer. It’s also much more rewarding to go with a group of other players since all the players in the party will be able to net exclusive rewards. One of the benefits of joining a party is that players are now able to tackle more difficult content and quests that they otherwise weren’t able to when they’re alone. There are also group-exclusive quests that gamers can partake in which reap rare items and such for the whole party. Dragon Raja is an MMORPG that truly puts its focus on the social aspect of the game and highlights the importance of teamwork. There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing the game alone, but just keep in mind that there are more benefits to playing with a group of other players that are on the same level compared to having to do everything in solo mode.

    As a role-playing Android game, it’s hard to believe at times how detailed the graphics are despite it being relatively exclusive to the mobile gaming community. Players can also choose to play the game in full HD resolution by downloading Dragon Raja on their computer and playing it via emulator. With all of these things going for it, there are buyers out there looking for someone willing to sell a Dragon Raja account online.

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