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Zombie-themed games are almost always guaranteed hits. From classics such as L4D (and its sequel, L4D2) to Last of Us, there’s no denying the viability of bashing the brains of the undead. Even a goofy game like Plants vs Zombies took the gaming world by storm! Enter Dead Frontier 2. While it’s not exactly a new take on the zombie genre, it still manages to hold its own—as can be attested to by its hordes of fans.

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A Look at the Dead Frontier 2 Bestiary

Let’s face it. The biggest draw that any survival type game centered around the zombie apocalypse can have are the baddies that want to feast on your brain. Dead Frontier 2 isn’t lacking in that regard. In fact, it has an abundance of the undead—enough to fill your head with nightmares in the wee hours. Here’s a look at the different Dead Frontier 2 zombies!

  • Infected – More potent foes than regular zombies, the infected can be bad news to the unwary player. Types of infected include female child, female, male child, male, fat female, and fat male. There are also the bacterial, irradiated, and burning variants of the infected.
  • Mutated bosses – These are the rare blood-curdling zombies. Types include the Mother, Fingers, Choir, Roid Hulk, Spitter, Tendril, Stalker, the special Infected Bunny, and the special Lycan infected.
  • Parasites and Crows – On top of the usual zombies, you also have to contend with these pesky buggers.
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