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Things to Consider Before Selling a Darkorbit Account

There could be many reasons why sellers would like to sell their Darkorbit account. Whatever the reason is, they all have to go through the effort to price their offer. It’s important, since setting it too high will turn away buyers, and setting it too low means less profit for the buyer. A balance should be obtained, choosing a price that is neither too high nor too low.

Here are some account characteristics to consider when pricing an account.

  • Account Progression - Of course, different players have different ideas of progression. Whether this is in how many ships are owned or how upgraded they are, this is one of the most important things buyers would look at.
  • Resources in Stock - Having credits, honor, other currency, or resources in stock in the account decreases the need for the buyer to grind. Giving that convenience to the buyer increases the account’s value. Otherwise, buyers won’t take an expensive account without too many benefits.

Leveling a Darkorbit Account

After the introductory missions, the first goal should be buying up Goliath and Vengeance ships. Also, bid on some other CPUs (10-slot, Auto Repair Bot, Auto Rocket, and Rocket Turbo) and 3-4 Repair Bots. Find a clan to help with credit accumulation, as well as have some friends to go on missions with.

Equip the extras on your ship, lasers, shields, and generators. Make ship configurations to either ‘run config’ (shielded drones and full speed) or ‘battle config’ (lasers on drones for full damage). Do some missions. Upgrade the Skylab. Grab a P.E.T. as soon as possible.

Farming is going to be the main thing unless paying for subscriptions and boosts. Sellers do have to be aware that using microtransactions will increase the base price of the account. They have to regain the expenses, after all. The alternative is the slower, F2P methods of good old grinding.

From there it’s just a matter of doing activities at the opportune time. Zeta Gates is better done on a Double Galaxy Gate Reward weekend, for example. Booty Keys have the ‘Zeus Day’ where there will be increased rewards than other days. All the while earning Uridium, Credits, and then investing them into upgrades and better weapons.

They just have to be sure to enjoy the process so later they can enjoy the profits.

Selling Darkorbit Accounts Safely

Sellers should put up their offers on a reliable trading platform. Not only will the platform provide security, but it can also provide buyers and more opportunities to earn. With their robust security systems, no subscription fee policy, and large trading community, sellers won’t lack anything.

Happy trading and enjoy Darkorbit!

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