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What is Corepunk?

Back in December of 2019, an ambitious project was launched by Artificial Core (an Amsterdam-based development company) with an open Beta test slated for late 2020. The project’s name? Corepunk! With stunning effects combining the futuristic elements of cyberpunk and old-school steampunk cultures, Corepunk is a visual delight! And when you add the science fiction aspect of it all, it’s a veritable gamer’s wet dream! Given that the game has been in development for half-a-decade under strict non-disclosure-agreement, expectations are running high.

In Corepunk, players are treated to an isometric view of Corepunks world. As its main platform is Microsoft Windows, you’ll naturally play it with the keyboard and mouse combo. It gives a ton of freedom as you can go off exploring its vast open world, take part in trades and auctions, craft goods to your heart’s content, raid dungeons, or engage in action-packed PvP scenarios! And as is to be expected of any MMORPG, there will also be arenas and battlegrounds, crafting and mining professions, and guilds.

All in all, players who indulge in Corepunk have fully-customizable heroes to choose from—all under the roles of healer, damage dealer, or tank. In addition, they’ll have a total of 3 weapon specialties, 6 active skills, and 8 passive or active slots for their artifacts. Talk about customization galore!

Corepunk’s Setting

As for Corepunk’s setting, all events in the game happen in Kwalat. This fictional world is inhabited by four main cultures: the Elaniens, the Faidens, the Quaddari, and the Yorners.

As Kwalat is vast, players will have the luxury of mounts to traverse its expanse—though you still have the option to travel by foot, of course. On top of that, there will also be various transport systems available to help you get to and fro. This way, reaching distant cities and discovering new locations will be a cinch.

Corepunk’s PvP

Corepunk employs a karma system that will be very much welcome in the gaming scene. If a player, for instance, goes on a killing spree against weaker players, he or she will get karma points. The same thing goes for abusing the open-world PvP system. Now, karma points may not seem so bad at the beginning, but if you rack up enough of them, you’ll be penalized with a “criminal” status. Corepunk’s system will then flag you as a PK (Player Killer) and you’ll risk losing inventory items upon death. Severe offenses will also be given due punishment in the form of artifact loss. On the flipside, noble actions will be rewarded via the game’s honor system.

CorePunk’s PvE

As for Corepunk’s PvE, it’s comprised of dungeons available for solo and groups. As of press time, only four members will be allowed per group. Anywhere from a dozen to 20 players can join raids. According to Artificial Core, there are plans to implement a camp system with advanced AI. This is on top of the randomly generated dungeons, bosses (mini, world, and wandering).

How Gamers Sell Corepunk Accounts

If a gamer happens to be among those lucky – or wise – enoughto get a Corepunk account early on, they have the potentia to be a Corepunk account seller. All they would have to do is just sell their account.

Sometimes, a player of a certain game decides that the game isn’t for them, or just get bored somewhere along the way. Occassionally these players decide to sell their accounts for someone else to take over, especially if they know they’ll never play the game again. To sell their Corepunk account, a seller just needs to find a buyer, usually done online on sites designed for that purpose, and complete a trade. Once the buyer and seller have completed their trade, both go their separate ways.

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