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Selling Information

Where Do Gamers Sell Cookie Run Kingdom Accounts?

Platforms that sellers might consider selling an account on include social media, forums, and player-to-player marketplaces. While social media and forums are popular among a lot of people, not everyone on those sites is interested in trading. This means that it can be incredibly hard for sellers to find a buyer.

Player-to-player trading sites are generally preferred by sellers as they gain access to large communities of traders, making it easy to close sales, and have to spend less time actively seeking out buyers and reaching out.

Before making the final decision to sell or buy an account, players should first read the terms and conditions of the game they wish to trade for. If they have any questions about the game’s policies, they should also consider reaching out to the developers for clarification.

How to Collect Cookies

Players get cookies by running and collecting points. Different cookies need different points, so just keep running. They need to get the required number of points in one run. It can’t be in installments where one run gets half, and another for the other half.

As for Ovenbreak, the ‘PvP version’ of Kingdom, players get more cookies through chests. It’s a gacha mechanic that gives players a random cookie by chance. Different chests give different cookies, and the best ones also give the chance to get rarer cookies. Of course, being a gacha mechanic, players are likely to get duplicates. Fortunately, duplicates are good, as that’s the way to level up the cookies. Once their levels are maxed out, players get coins for every duplicate. Rarer cookies give more coins.

Chests come as rewards for runs or bought from the shop. Some varieties would give pets instead of cookies, which enhance a certain cookie’s abilities. Anyway, players can buy better chests with gems, which can be collected while playing or bought with real money. The former would be slower than collecting coins, though.

The Best Cookies to Get

Cookies have ranks as well, and the better their ranks, the more traders are usually willing to pay for an account holding them. The highest-ranked and rarest cookies are:

  • Sea Fairy Cookie
  • Fire Spirit Cookie
  • Moonlight Cookie
  • Wind Archer Cookie
  • Dark Enchantress Cookie

There could be more coming up, so watch out for these cookies! Some cookies might only be available in other Cookie Run versions.


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