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Call of Duty Mobile is all about the grind. The higher your level, the more time you’ll have to spend in order to level up even more. But not all of it is doom and gloom once you attain a high-enough level because you’ll be able to unlock better weapons and characters for your team!

Staying competitive in Call of Duty can be time consuming, and since not everyone has time to burn, you can sell Call of Duty Mobile accounts to buyers who want to short circuit the grinding process. It can be boring to play from Unranked to Legendary. So besides having lots of cool skins, a high ranked account is an incentive. With our platform, you’re sure to attract thousands of buyers from around the world looking for COD mobile accounts.

How to Level Up Fast

If you want to keep the stocks of your COD Mobile accounts stable, then you’ll have to learn how to level up faster than what players usually do. Leveling up lets you unlock weapons and perks for your accounts. These things are what make an account a tad more expensive than others—thanks to the time put into unlocking them. Not to worry, because we’re here to help and teach you all the tricks of the trade on how to level up faster in COD Mobile for you to churn out those accounts and not keep the buyers waiting!

1. Join a Clan

Clans might be familiar to you if you play online games often. Clans are made up of a group of players that team up when playing. Be it creating your own clan or joining one of the many that’s already available, being part of a clan can give you EXP bonuses in every match you participate in. This will not only help you level up faster, but also make things more fun since you’ll be playing with your friends!

2. Play Call of Duty Mobile PvP Mode

While playing the battle royale mode of COD Mobile is fun, you can collect up to 2,300 experience points per match in PvP mode. Thankfully, the PvP mode isn’t as boring as the other ones. We get that battle royale is the go-to option for most of the players of COD mobile out there, but it just takes up too much of your time. As such, we advise that you steer clear of this mode and maximize your time by playing PvP instead.

3. Rack Up on Kills

Win or lose, you still get to earn experience points in every match. If you want to make the most of what seems to be like a losing game, rack up as many kills as you can before the match ends. Kills in COD Mobile are the main way of netting tons of experience points.

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