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An expansive open world, as well as unique striking, with a beautiful art style of characters, monsters, backgrounds, and buildings – staples in the MMORPG genre that make it stunning. The presence of those two elements, however, does not necessarily make a particular MMO title excellent. Players are also looking for an intelligent and intuitive combat system, with rich and highly varied content – two things that Blade and Soul have in spades. In fact, long-time MMO players should create a Blade and Soul account and give the game a shot. If you’ve been playing the game for quite some time, then sell your Blade and Soul account and earn a few bucks.

Selling a Blade and Soul account online is easy, as it’s one of the most sought-after games right now. Gameplay and theme wise, Blade and Soul takes many forms of Chinese martial arts, especially the former, as the combat system is based on them. Similar to true martial arts, it’s not just about blindly pulling off combos by pressing the proper button combinations, but also timing and mixing the different skill combinations and specialties of a particular class. For example, Assassins utilize their stealth capabilities fully; Blade Masters bank on their speed, blocking, and deflecting; and Kung Fu Masters focus on countering enemy attacks. Lastly, there are many ways to pull combos, giving players wide options when it comes to approach in combat.

Sell Blade and Soul Account: Kung Fu Fighting

Blade and Soul offer players an extensive variety of venues to explore, exploit, and to enjoy the combat system. There is the PvE content that offers enemies, which can be found worldwide. As players, they attack, dodge, block, and counterattack. Even the trash mobs of the game require alertness.

The PvP, on the other hand, is fast-paced, exciting, and has a considerably steep learning curve. Thus, players need to put in loads of time, effort, and practice to become a pro at this game mode. With the difficulty of PvP, players who participate can’t help but feel a sense of reward and achievement, especially those who go toe-to-toe against fellow martial artists on the same or greater skill level.

For players who want to take a break from fighting, the game has many content players to engage with. They can craft equipment and either keep them for themselves or sell them for gold later on. Collecting costumes is another popular gimmick, as they are purposely made to have no attribute bonuses, and are therefore sought after solely for aesthetic reasons. In case the previous two get boring, players can always engage in socializing with their fellow players, finishing quests, and traveling and exploring by foot, which is a surprising treat because the game is set in a world that is full of lush landscapes and sceneries.

With all the features and benefits, Blade and Soul have been quite popular lately. Many players buy from those who sell Blade and Soul account and for quite a handsome price. So, if you would like to sell yours – or others – for a few bucks, then you should go for it. If you don’t know how or who to sell, no worries because at PlayerAuctions we are here to help.

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Blade and Soul is a beautiful and fast-paced world full of fighting, where players can either chill out or duke it out with an excessive amount of people. Help others and yourself get into the game and make a few bucks with us at PlayerAuctions.

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