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Make Money Playing Battlefield 1

Despite Battlefield 5’s release, Battlefield 1 continues to be popular—thanks to its unique and underrated World War I setting, That’s why it’s no surprise to find lots of players still asking for Battlefield 1 Rank Boosting services today. So, go to the trenches and earn some real money with us here at PlayerAuctions.

What Boosting Services Can I Provide in Battlefield 1?

In Battlefield 1, you’ll be boosting player rank. There are over 150 ranks, from recruit to five-star general. Other than that, you can also provide Battlefield 1 Class Rank Boosting. This way, they won’t have to spend time and effort in unlocking important class abilities.

How Much Should My Battlefield 1 Boosting Services Cost?

We here at PlayerAuctions leave it up to you to put a price on your Rank or Class Rank Boosting services. Still, we recommend that you keep things reasonable. Take into account how many ranks you’ll be rising through within the given timeframe, as well as affordability. This way, you’ll make a profit and attract a good number of customers at the same time.

How Do I Become a Battlefield 1 Power Leveler?

Thank you for wanting to provide Battlefield 1 Rank Boosting services for sale, as well as Battlefield 1 Class Rank Boosting. Before you can start, you need to become one of our Verified Sellers. For that, you have to comply with our trading practices, have had a total of 5 successful sales, and at least one sale within the past 90 days.

Once you’ve achieved Verified Seller status, you may then create a power leveling offer. When you do, keep in mind these two things:

  • You can only create one offer at a time, and an offer will require you to make a $70 deposit to our Power Leveling Reserve Fund. This will be returned to you upon the completion of the transaction.
  • While you have the complete freedom to decide the terms of your service, we recommend that you coordinate with the buyer. By doing so, both parties will benefit, and a dispute will become less likely.

Once the buyer has confirmed the return of the account and that the terms have been met, the transaction will be considered as completed. You will then receive the payment 3 to 5 days later. Thank you for a job well done, soldier; enjoy your hard-earned pay!

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