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When Setting a Price on Azur Lane Accounts

Just as sellers can have many reasons to sell Azur Lane accounts, buyers have their own reasons for wanting one. Setting the right price for the account can be tricky, as setting it too high can turn away buyers. In contrast, setting them too low would result in a loss of profits for the seller. It’s a delicate balance achieved by understanding what factors could affect the price of the account.

These factors are:

  • Ship Collection - Some buyers may want one specific ship to be in the account. Others might want only the strongest ones. Otherwise, they can be collectors and want the most complete collection of ships there is. Generally, the more ships there are in the collection, the higher the price. SR and UR ships drive the price higher, as they are strong units that are rarer than others.
  • Resources Available - This pertains to currency, enhancement materials, and similar items for building, upgrading, and strengthening ships. The more the account has of this, the less grinding and farming the buyer has to do when they get the account. These increase the price because of the convenience of being able to upgrade ships as much as possible without too much effort.
  • Commander/HQ Levels - These are the main markers of progress made in the game. Reaching certain levels in either can unlock features or mechanics that further a player’s progress. When buyers want convenience, they prefer an account with higher levels to lower ones. Higher levels can increase the account’s price.

Other Things to Take Note of When Selling Azur Lane Accounts

Giving a Promise Ring to a ship can increase their stats greatly and may unlock a new wedding dress skin. Having one available in the account can also increase its price. It’s more preferable to have it available as an item rather than using it on a ship. That way the buyer can choose which ship to give it to.

Setting a baseline price may be good for sellers, especially for those who allow buyers to haggle. This lets sellers keep a limit when buyers try to negotiate a better price for them. Comparing with other offers can help in setting one.

While some buyers would want a fully-kitted out account, others might want the opposite. Offering an almost new account, or a low-leveled one with a good stock of resources can also sell well.

No matter the reason for selling Azur Lane accounts, these tips can help sellers find their way to profit while enjoying the game.

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