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Sell Your Arknight Accounts in PlayerAuctions Now

Thanks to Arknights’ global release, everyone now has the chance to play the popular tower defense mobile game. With our international marketplace that has over a million users, you can easily find buyers for your Arknights accounts! Transacting here is easy compared to other buy and sell marketplaces as well. This is thanks to our onsite messenger that you can use to immediately message buyers.

Not everyone has the time to grind and collect all of the Operators because it takes a while and a lot of currency to do so. Highly-effective Operators, while great, are a rare catch in the game because of randomized gacha pulls. This is where you come in! By selling Arknights accounts that have sought-after Operators for the right price, you’re sure to have buyers flocking over you. So, what are you waiting for? Become a seller of Arknights accounts here in PlayerAuctions now!

How Do I Sell Arknights Global Accounts?

To sell Arknights accounts, just follow these steps:

1. Register/log in as a seller.

2. Post your offers by using our system and wait for a buyer.

3. Once there’s a buyer who wants to purchase one of your accounts, deliver the account credentials to them by using our onsite messenger or enable the instant delivery option on our system beforehand to have us automatically send it to the designated buyer instead.

4. Wait for the buyer to log into the account to make sure everything in it is what was described in the offer.

5. When the buyer has confirmed to our system to send in the payment to you, it will automatically be sent to your receiving account of choice within 3 business days.

Arknights Operator Tier List

The characters that you’ll be collecting throughout the game are known as Operators. They can be obtained by either recruiting them or by trying your luck on the gacha. These Operators belong on different tiers, with some being more effective than others.

Here’s a table explaining what these tiers are:




S-tier Operators are the cream of the crop. They’re the best in whatever role they have. Consider yourself lucky if you acquire an Operator of this tier.


Operators on this tier are near perfect and just a tad lower than S-tier Operators. A-tiers are proficient in their roles and offer great contributions to any collection of Operators.


B-tier Operators are sort of the middle ground. They can complete the duties of their role, but lack certain abilities in their role can keep them from truly shining.


C-tier Operators are just enough to become a substitute on your team if you don’t have enough Operators that belong on the higher tiers. They’re not exactly the best option, but are sufficient enough to make you keep them.


Just below the lowest tier, D-tier Operators aren’t recommended for players to use especially during difficult battles. However, they’re okay enough for you to scrape by during your early progression.


X-tier Operators are also known as situational Operators wherein they can only excel in certain stages in the game.

Currency in Arknights

Operators are the meat and potatoes of Arknights, but it doesn’t hurt to have a bunch of currency in the accounts you’re selling too. Arknights has a lot of different “currencies”, but we’ll only be focusing on the three main types: Originite Prime, Orundum, and Lungmen Dollars.

Originite Prime is used to refill your stamina bar. It can be converted to Orundum as well. One Originite Prime can completely replenish your stamina. You can earn this type of currency by completing a mission with three stars, or clear a mission with the difficulty mode on hard.

Orundum or Gems is the premium currency of Arknights. This type of currency is used for acquiring Operators on the gacha. They can be earned by doing Annihilation Mode every week thru achievements. They can also be crafted in your workshop.

Lungmen Dollars(LMD) is the equivalent of gold in other games. While easily obtainable, LMDs are the most precious currency of all the three. By having tons of this currency, players will be able to upgrade their Operators and bases with ease.

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