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Animal Jam has been around for quite some time now, and yet the cute social game continues to have a niche appeal. Players who no longer play the game but don’t want to let their account be wasted sometimes choose to sell Animal Jam accounts that they might not need anymore.

With many gamers and traders out there looking for Animal Jam accounts to get started in the game, sellers usually have an easy time finding someone interested enough in their account to buy it.

Why Do Gamers Sell an Animal Jam Account?

It goes without saying that the biggest reason to put up Animal Jam account for sale is that it simply isn’t needed by the seller anymore, and they are hoping to get a little bit of money in exchange for it. At the same time, some sellers see doing so as helping out other players by allowing them to cut out the amount of time in game that they might spend grinding.

Another reason a gamer might decide to sell their AJ account might be that there are items within it that the community considers to be valuable. These might be items that are no longer available in the game, are hard to obtain, or are cannot be easily traded.

Setting a Price on Animal Jam Account

Sellers are able to put any price on their account, but it’s actual value is determined by the community and what people are willing to pay for it. This could depend on things such as the animal level, rarity of items in the account, amount of in-game regular and premium currency, and total value of rare items in it.

To ensure that buyers will actually think their account is worth it, many sellers compare their account to similar accounts being sold by other sellers and base the price they set for it on their prices. 

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