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Make Money Playing 4Story

Zemi Interactive and Gameforge 4D GmbH’s sensational MMORPG may be 12 years old now, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t life left in it. In fact, it’s as popular now more than ever! And that’s precisely how you can make money simply by playing 4Story. How? By racking up gold and selling it via PlayerAuctions!

Now, isn’t that great? You can indulge in the wonders of the fantastical world of Iberia and make real money at the same time!

How to Sell 4Story Gold Through PlayerAuctions

Don’t let any extra gold you may have in 4Story just sit idly by. Start selling them now to earn tons of cash! To start selling 4Story gold, simply follow these quick and easy steps!

  1. Register as a seller with PlayerAuctions (or simply log in if you already have an account)
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  3. Once a buyer selects your offer, you may proceed to communicate with them via our onsite messenger to deliver the gold.
  4. The buyer will then make the confirmation via our system and we’ll promptly release your payment.
  5. Congratulations! You’ve just made a sale! Keep grinding for more gold so you can keep selling them for a profit!

PlayerAuctions is the haven for 4Story gold buyers and sellers alike. We bring people in the gaming together. Happy buyers, happy sellers—everybody wins! Be a part of our ever-growing community today and take your game to a new level!

Easiest Ways to Earn 4Story Gold

Being heaps of money behind other players is no fun—especially in a game like 4Story. And with many players experiencing this predicament, it’s time for you to swoop in and take advantage! Rake in the gold and start selling ‘em for real money! Below are a few easy ways to quickly farm gold that you can sell for a profit.

Flipping – While this can be a bit boring, there’s no denying that it’s a rather easy way to make a quick buck or two. Simply go from stall to stall and buy cheap stuff so you can sell them at a higher price later.

Moonstones –  They practically grow on trees so you might as well make good use of them!

Monster Hunting – Level 140 monsters are particularly lucrative. They can yield pearls with random loot that you can subsequently sell. Besides leveling up your character, you also get to loot the monsters you slay—how cool is that!

Farming is easy when you’ve got a solid strategy to lean on. And with these tips, you’re sure to pile up the gold in no time. Good luck!