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How to farm Medals in Helldivers 2

helldiveres 2 medals

Once you’ve settled on your ship and got to grips with what it means to be a Helldiver, you might be curious to learn how to expand your arsenal, gear, and Strategems as you spread democracy. Medals are one of the main currencies you can collect in Helldivers 2 that you’ll use to unlock items in your free and premium Warbonds.

You can gain Medals by simply playing the game and completing missions, but if you want to take a more proactive approach, there are ways for you to farm them faster. In this guide, we’ll spill the beans on how you can quickly earn Medals to unlock more pages in your Warbonds.

Helldivers 2 Medals Farming Guide

Ignore Secondary Objectives

If you want to maximize the rate at which you earn Medals, you should exclusively complete the main objectives in missions as quickly as possible. Of course, this also means that you’ll have to extract successfully. There are certainly reasons for you to be thorough and pursue the multiple secondary objectives scattered around the map. Still, you can amass more Medals by ignoring the optional content altogether.

Pick Certain Types of Missions

There are missions well suited to the type of gameplay we’re suggesting. You can go for Eradicate-type missions that only take about 10 minutes to complete. You can do Search and Destroy missions if that's not your style. These timers are relatively short, at 10 and 12 minutes, respectively; these incentivize you to extract once you finish the task.

“Blitz: Search and Destroy” missions have you search and kill several bugs or robots. Meanwhile, “Eliminate” missions only require you to kill regular bugs. This means you don’t have to deal with bosses like Bile Titans or Chargers, which can be a pain if your team lacks the necessary gear to counter it. The bosses are pretty challenging to take down, so missions that focus on eradicating swarms of easy-to-kill bugs are the way to go if your level isn’t high enough. If you’re keen on some excitement and nail-biting shenanigans, the S&D mission is a treat.

Complete Personal Orders

Personal Orders are your daily quests in Helldivers 2, which refresh daily. While you’ll probably complete them just by playing the game casually, finishing them as soon as possible can quickly earn you a sizeable amount of Medals.

Call A Friend

Many players won’t be interested in just completing the main objectives of a mission. Most, if not all, Helldivers would take the time to do a couple of secondaries or destroy one or two outposts before calling it a day. Since not everyone appreciates a teammate rushing toward the extraction, having a friend or two committed to farming Medals with you is best.

Since not everyone always has access to a Search and Destroy and Eradicate mission, you’ll be forced to visit a larger map with players who want to explore. Having someone with you who prefers speedrunning the main objective lets you finish everything in a small amount of time.

The Benefits of Doing Secondary Objectives

One of the reasons why other players like ticking secondary objectives during a mission is because there are caches in maps that hold valuable items, including Super Credits—Helldiver 2’s premium currency. While you can also receive Medals from those caches occasionally, the randomness of their rewards makes it hard for us to recommend farming them. That said, if you’re in no rush to get Medals and want to get that five-star rating after the mission, you can complete the secondary objectives.

Where to Spend Your Medals in Helldivers 2

There are two Warbonds in Helldivers 2: Mobilize and Steeled Veterans. They’re intrinsically battle passes slapped with a fancy name, but these are where you’ll spend your Medals. Mobilize has 10 pages of rewards, including armor skins, weapons, boosters, and Super Credits. Meanwhile, the paid version—Steeled Veterans—includes three additional pages.

Regarding what you should try to unlock first, we recommend getting the weapons to start. The Liberator (Assault Rifle) is fine, but having options like the Shotgun or Marksman Rifle makes playthroughs cumbersome since it lets you switch things up. You can also get boosters, which are permanent buffs granted to the team whenever you start a mission.

Unlocking an item in the Warbond requires a specific amount of Medals to purchase. To access the next tier, you must spend a certain amount of the currency on your previous pages. At the very least, Warbonds have no expiration date, so you can take time trying to obtain stuff from it.

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