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How to farm Helldivers 2 Super Credits

super credits

Players will find several Helldivers 2 currencies throughout their runs, each of which can be used for various purposes, from unlocking weapons to upgrading their arsenal. Super Credits are the game’s premium tokens that let you access some of the coolest stuff in the store. While you can commonly get it by buying it with real money, you can also freely farm it through several means. This guide will show you the best way to farm Helldiver 2 Super Credits. 

How to Farm Helldivers 2 Super Credits

Aside from buying them with real money, you can get Super Credits by doing in-game stuff in two other ways. This makes Helldivers 2 unique because devs allowed players to earn the premium currency simply by playing. If you instead use your skill and knowledge to farm Super Credits, you can get via exploration or Warbonds. 

Get Super Credits Via Warbonds

Warbonds serves as Helldivers 2’s battle pass, which you progress by spending medals. Instead of progressing by gaining EXP or doing missions, you get to the next page by spending Medal currencies on the offers available. Super Credits are included in the items offered in each tier, totaling 800 SC for the whole BP. You can also gain an additional 300 SC with the premium Steeled Veterans pack.

It would help if you bought everything on the page to get to the next one, which means players will have to spend a substantial number of Medals. Gamers must farm much of this currency to complete the battle pass. You will need to weigh whether spending all these Medals just for a few hundred Super Credits is worth it.

Get Super Credits Via Explorations

Players can still obtain Super Credits even without spending anything on Warbonds. Helldivers can get SC simply by exploring the whole map when going on missions. The game’s open areas contain many hidden POIs and secondary objectives, which will pop up as diamond icons in your minimap. These caches can have extra ammo, weapons, Medals, and Super Credits. 

You can usually find these POIs far away from the main objective of each mission, which means players will have to spend extra time on the field. In addition, these loot areas can either be a simple crash site of a cargo ship or a danger-filled location facility. However, doing them can be very rewarding since they offer tons of loot that you can use for various things. 

Unlike Warbonds, you can infinitely farm Super Credits via explorations. You are not restricted on how much you are allowed to earn, and how much you gain will depend on your efficiency in each mission. Players are expected to make up to 40 SC per hour, but this rate can increase depending on how well teams perform. However, note that missions typically last only between 35 to 12 minutes.

Best Way to Farm Super Credits Via Explorations

There are several ways to maximize the SC you gain from explorations. These tactics range from choosing where to land to deciding what armor set to bring. If you want to make sure you can efficiently farm Super Credits, here are some of the best tips you can do:

Use Armor Sets with Radar Scans

Players can equip armors that can ping POIs within a certain radius. Sets like the SC-30 Trailblazer Scout and Infiltrator can show the locations of secondary objectives, loot, Medals, and Super Credits. Using these armor types or ensuring your team has one can make finding SCs much easier. 

Land Far Away from the Main Objective

When choosing a landing zone, players should opt for further LZ to cover more ground for exploration. While this will ensure you spend more time on the mission, you also maximize the chances of encountering or finding hidden caches. Always consider your priorities when choosing a landing zone. 

Higher Risk, Higher Reward

Maps that are more dangerous than others have higher chances of rewarding players with Super Credits. Exploring deep into enemy territory yields the most profit in loot, including SC. However, make sure you are well-equipped to face these challenges. Choosing the right loadout can create a massive difference in your gameplay.

Don’t Be Too Greedy

There’s no shame when it comes to quitting while you’re ahead. While you may be tempted to keep exploring every corner of the map, you might lose everything if you are too greedy. The enemies can be unpredictable; even normal mobs can cause massive problems. Learn when to quit and leave the mission when you already have enough SC and finished the primary goal.

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