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Helldivers 2: How to kill the Bile Titan

Bile Titan

One of the deadliest enemies in the Terminid faction is the Bile Titan, with its lethal acidic attacks, heavy armor, and surprisingly fast speed. As you climb the difficulties in Helldivers 2, Bile Titans go from a high-priority target in a mission to a common enemy that spawns in Bug Breaches (which will happen a lot on harder modes). This enemy will always be accompanied by an escort of lesser bugs that will swarm you and distract you from focusing on the Bile Titan. This guide will provide strategies for taking down this monstrosity effectively and efficiently.

General Tips

The Bile Titan likes to focus on a single teammate, which will be an opportunity for you or the rest of the squad to shoot while it chases someone down. If you plan on serving as the bait, any light armor with the most stamina and movement speed will help you survive. Despite its size, it cannot move over big terrain, so use this to lure the creature into a chokepoint and restrict its mobility.

Strategy 1: Recoiless Rifle Spam

The Recoilless Rifle Stratagem is the anti-tank weapon to get thanks to its high armor penetration and damage. The downside to this weapon is that it has the slowest reload time out of all the other weapons in the game. Effective use of the Recoilless Rifle requires a teammate dedicated to just reloading for the user, who will significantly cut down on the reload time and, thus, turn it into a nearly semi-automatic weapon. Be aware that enemies will start to focus on you and your loader when wielding the Recoilless Rifle, so have someone cover your flanks and kill the weaker bugs while you focus on the Bile Titan. The best teams running Helldive difficulties make good use of this weapon.

Strategy 2: Synchronized Stratagem Strikes

The game provides Orbital and Eagle Strikes dedicated to killing heavily armored enemies. With Stratagems like the Orbital Railcannnon Strike and Eagle Rocket Pods, having your team synchronize their calls can easily fell a Bile Titan. One crucial Stratagem to make this work is the Orbital EMS Strike, which sends down an electrical field that stuns anything within the blast radius, buying your team enough time to land their air strikes right on target.

Strategy 3: Repeated Railgun Shots

If you prefer a less risky strategy to kill the Bile Titan, the Railgun Stratagem is a good alternative to the Recoilless Rifle. The armor penetration will go through anything, but the Railgun deals less damage. The reload speed with the Railgun is manageable and can be done while running, making it a safe option that will allow you to kite any Bile Titan (provided you’re wearing light armor). This strategy is simple enough to execute in solo missions, but with a full team, it could expedite the time to kill even further. Best paired with a Supply Pack for more mileage

Strategy 4: Disposable Anti-Tank Launchers

The Disposable Anti-Tank Launcher is a solid early-game Stratagem with a cheap Requisition cost. It has a fairly quick cooldown timer and can deal some major damage to any armored target, especially the Bile Titan. Since each launcher is a single-use item, you will have to stockpile them to make the most of the Stratagem. A good way to use this item is to deploy one at the start, grab one then call another drop before engaging the creature. This way, you can have a total of 3 shots and hopefully kill it or at least majorly damage it before waiting for the cooldown.

Strategy 5: Autocannon Sentry / Rocket Sentry Fortification

If your missions require you to stay in a certain objective site, the Autocannon and Rocket Sentry combination is your best friend in passively dealing with armored targets. These Stratagems can easily solo a Bile Titan as long as they’re far away enough from a bug swarm. Be careful, though, as sentry guns are quite fragile, and if it’s destroyed before it can do its job, you will have to wait for the full cooldown timer, which could leave you helpless against the Bile Titan.

Strategy 6: Precision Landing Pod Strike

An unorthodox but fun strategy for killing a Bile Titan is using your Landing Pod to land right on top of it. This strategy is possible for many types of enemies, especially the Charger and the Automaton Tank. You can also use Supply Drops, weapon drops and even your sentry gun drops if you can get them to land on the Bile Titan. While it may visually look like you do no damage when landing on them, it will still register as a hit so do this when you’re being reinforced.

Strategy 7: Small Arms Fire

If all else fails, it's still possible to deal damage against the Bile Titan with your primary and secondary weapons. Aim for the green fleshy underside of the creature to remove its acid-spewing ability. You can also shoot the exposed parts of its torso if someone has used an anti-tank weapon on it. This is a lengthy and ammo-consuming process, so only do this if all your other Stratagems are on cooldown. Bugs have a mechanic where if their exposed weakspots are shot, they will start bleeding out and take damage over time.

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