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Helldivers 2: How to get free armor through Twitch drops

twitch drops helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 has exploded in popularity thanks to its simple yet fun combat loop, consumer-friendly live service monetization model, and community support from Arrowhead Studios. With armor rotating in and out of the premium store, as well as the customization options available on the Warbond page, players can customize their Helldiver with the style of their choice. However, there is an armor set in the game that can be obtained for free. The TR-117 Alpha Commander, medium armor set, has an armor rating of 100, 500 speed, and 100 stamina regen, with the Med Kit passive that gives 2 extra stims and makes them last 2 seconds longer.

The armor is obtainable through Twitch Drops given by select Twitch streamers, but many have wondered who is eligible for these rewards. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Twitch Drop system.

Step 1: Find a Twitch Partner

There are several official partners in Twitch that will be able to provide the service. Currently, these streamers are part of the program. Remember, only the streamers on the list can give out these rewards. Alternatively, if they are not online and you are currently on Twitch, you can type in the search bar “helldivers 2 drops” and look for a streamer with the “drop” title in their stream.

Step 2: Watch For 1 Hour

The stream will keep track of your watch time, but you do not need to actively tune in to receive the rewards. You may freely tab out of it and do something else as you wait for an hour before you can claim your drop.

Step 3: Check Your Twitch Inventory and Claim

After an hour has passed, you should see a notification on the top of the Twitch chat that you are eligible for the reward. Simply click on the notification, and you will be redirected to the same page above. Click on the purple “Log in with Twitch” button, and it will allow you to get the armor set for yourself. If it says you aren't eligible for the drop, watch the stream a few minutes more before trying to claim it again.

Be quick, as the deadline for this campaign is up until February 23, 2024 GMT +4, so don't miss out on this cool armor set, and stay tuned on Twitch and check the streamer schedules for the next stream. If you happen to miss the deadline, wait for Arrowhead Games to release more information about the next possible Twitch campaign. Until then, keep fighting for Super Earth!

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