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Helldivers 2 Devastator: How to defeat it

devastator helldivers 2

Players know how hard fighting Automatons are with their superior armor and more minor weak points. However, Devastators take the cake for being the most annoying ground-troop Terminator for the robot faction. Their big armor and multiple armaments make these enemies a significant threat in any mission. This guide will provide players with the best way to beat these heavy unit Devastators.

What are Automaton Devastators

If you have seen robots with thick armor plating covering 80% of their body, those are Devastators. They walk slowly due to their heavy constitution, but they have multiple armaments that make up for it. The most common Devastators are those with lasers on their right arm. Other variations also appear in the game as you face higher difficulties.

Some Devastators can carry big shields with tiny openings for you to shoot at. Others can have rocket launchers on their backs, which increases their lethality in fights. These added features make them even more deadly. Fortunately, they share most weak points. 

How Do You Defeat Helldivers 2 Devastators

The best way to defeat a Devastator is a well-placed shot to the head. Hitting this one weak point can quickly put them out of commission. However, headshots can be tricky to pull off because their head is surrounded by thick armor, making it a tiny target to hit.

Devastators also have other vulnerable areas in their body that players can exploit if they are not a good shot. The exposed abdomen should be the next priority targetThis area is more durable than their head, so it will take multiple shots to destroy them entirely. Unfortunately, this option becomes limited when facing a Devastator with a shield, which forces you to go around them and hit them from behind.

Other vulnerable parts include their arms and other weapon slots. Aiming for their hands can remove their ability to use their laser and other guns, but it won’t put them out of commission entirely. They can still move even after getting their arms blown off, but they become less dangerous since they won’t be able to shoot you. Players can also destroy the missile launchers on the shoulders of certain Devastator variants, which are much easier to destroy than arms. Shotguns and SMGs are your best choices if you want to aim for the limbs first.

If you aren’t keen on improving your accuracy and precision against Devastators, you can use armor-piercing weapons. Guns like the Railgun and Autocannon can pierce through their thick armor, so you don’t have to focus on aiming for their heads. However, these weapons are not available in early levels, but you can randomly loot them in certain POIs. The most accessible weapon before level 10 against them would be the Expendable Anti-Armor Missile, a single-use gun. It has one of the lowest cooldowns among the Support Weapons, so bringing one in many scenarios is ideal.

When faced with an enormous horde of Devastators, you should not hesitate to use Stratagems or grenades. You won’t have time to aim appropriately for headshots when they swarm you. Mines can slow them down to an extent, but it will take several explosions to destroy them. Cluster Bombs and Barrages are more effective choices. For support weapons, the Autocannon becomes your best friend in taking down hordes of Devastators.

How To Find Helldivers 2 Devastators

Generally, you pray that these Automatons don’t appear in many waves, which is highly unlikely. However, in some cases, you’re tasked toactively hunting them down for Personal Orders.

Devastators commonly appear in any part of the planet, and their frequency increases depending on the difficulty level. If you can’t find one in the open field, you can try looking for them near Automaton Fabricators. Otherwise, letting a robot call for a dropship can increase the chances of encountering one. 

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