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Helldivers 2 Bestiary: All Enemies and Their Weaknesses

helldivers 2 all enemies

Super Earth is under constant attack, and Helldivers must defeat the enemies threatening your species in the Galactic War. Players can face two enemy factions ready to tear them a new one. Each group member has their weakness, which you can exploit in battle. This guide will show players how they can defeat every enemy that comes their way. 

All Helldivers 2 Enemy Factions

The game features two enemy factions that are widely different from each other. The first are the Terminids, giant insectoid creatures that can swarm players and tear them to shreds. The second are the Automatons, robotic entities with strong firepower and explosive armaments. 

These aliens employ varying strategies, so players must adjust their tactics depending on which planet and enemies they face. Fortunately, each faction has weaknesses you can exploit to maintain superiority. However, these factions won’t have the same vulnerabilities, so you cannot apply the same strategies to different enemies.

All Terminid Enemies

Enemy Type

What They Do

How to Defeat


The most basic Terminid enemy and not much of a threat when alone. However, they become a considerable threat when they swarm together.

Scavengers are the easiest to take down. If they start grouping up, using grenades or guns with a fire rate will suffice to clear the horde. Consider using flamethrowers or explosive weapons.


It's the most minor but also more resilient bug. They are more challenging to take down due to better exoskeletons.

Any firepower would do, but it will take more ammo. However, shotguns are more effective, especially when Warriors come too close for comfort.


These fast-moving Terminids can quickly close the gap by jumping at you from a distance.

These enemies should be a high priority due to how quickly they can reach you. It’s best to take them out as soon as you spot them or ready a close-quarter gun, just in case.


These Terminids are like Hunters, but they can go invisible. You can’t see them until they attack or pass through smoke.

It’s hard to spot Stalkers without any preparation. If you think there are many of them, lay down smoke to make them easier to track or plant mines to keep them at bay.

Bile Spewer

These insects can spit green acid at players, slowing them down and burning through their HP.

Bile Spewers have an effective range, so they must be at a certain distance before spitting. Make sure to take them down before they do. Any gun will be effective against them.

Bile Titan

These Terminids have similar traits to Spewers, but they have sturdier shells, making them harder to kill.

You need to apply the same tactics with how you deal with Spewers. However, Heavy weapons are more effective for this type of enemy.


As the name suggests, Chargers will rush at you whenever they can. They have a very sturdy shell, which protects them from most damage.

The Charger’s abdomen is their weak point. Time your shots properly to ensure you hit this part because shooting any other part will be a waste of ammo. Heavy guns like the railgun aimed at the head can quickly take it down. 

Brood Commander

It's one of the larger Terminids with one of the sturdiest shells in the game. They release green toxins that can block your sight. They are especially deadly at close range and can chip off a massive amount of HP.

Use everything that you can when you encounter one. Heavy weapons are the most effective. If you have Stratagems available, it would be most useful when used against them. 

All Automatons Enemies

Enemy Type

What They Do

How to Defeat


These Automatons control long-legged machinery that can quickly fire a barrage of shots.

You can easily take them down by targeting the pilot or aiming at their legs. 


Raiders are your basic Automaton ground troops that carry machine guns. 

They are susceptible to any form of damage. The only catch is not to let them overwhelm you with gunfire because a small group of Raiders can quickly kill anyone. 

Rocket Raider

They are essentially Raiders equipped with Rocket Launchers.

You treat them like an average raider, but you must kill them with more urgency because a barrage of rockets can do severe damage.


They are like Raiders but can launch missiles. They tend to try to close the distance between them and the players. 

Marauders' main weak point is their tiny heads, which you should always aim for. Otherwise, grenades and rockets are the best option due to their stronger armor.


Brawlers are small automatons that will try their best to come as close as possible to players to engage in close-quarter battles. They don’t pose any danger to players other than being a significant nuisance. They can quickly crowd up on teams, which makes them more vulnerable to other Automaton attacks.

The best way to deal with them is to start clearing them out when they get too close.

Scout Strider

These machineries are long-legged bipeds that can fire their guns from afar. While they are not that durable, they are deadly when left alone. 

It’s not hard to deal with Scout Striders once spotted. Shooting their legs will effectively make them crumble and become useless. The only catch is that you must spot them early before they take notice of you.


These are Brawlers with Chainsaws for hands. They are fast-moving and deal massive damage with their weapons.

It would help if you aimed at the glowing red spot in the middle of their body, their weak point. However, their tendency to rush at players makes it hard to target the spot accurately. Using grenades is useful when you are about to get swarmed by them.


Devastators prefer to close in on players and maul them to death. They are slightly sturdier than Raiders.

These Automatons are susceptible to damage but are most vulnerable to shotguns.

Heavy Devastator

These Automatons are Devastators with more extensive armor. 

Due to their improved armor, you must spend more ammo on them. It would help if you didn’t hold back on wasting bullets on them because they are pretty deadly up close. Bringing armor penetrating Support Weapons is recommended.

Rocket Devastator

These Devastators prefer bringing rocket launchers to the fight instead of duking it out with players in close quarters. They have armor plating like that of Heavy Devastators.

You don’t need to change your tactics for these Automatons, but you must be aware they are durable and will require more ammo usage. They are susceptible to grenades if they start grouping up.

Hulk Bruiser

Bruisers are walking giants that like to get up close and personal. It’s not hard to spot them, but they are hard to put down. Letting them get too close will most likely result in a team wipe.

A Hulk Bruiser has thick armor plating in front, so the best way to deal with it is to have one player distract it while the rest circle around to hit it from the back. 

Hulk Scorcher

Scorchers are one of the most troublesome Automatons since they can quickly cook players with their flamethrower. On the other hand, it also has another weapon to keep Helldivers from getting close when they try to bypass its thick armor.

Scorchers have thick armor, so using high-powered weapons would be the most effective tactic. Stratagems like Orbital Strikes would do quick work of them. Their back is the least protected part, so trying to hit it from that area while another player draws its fire is ideal. 

Shredder Tank

Shredders are hulking behemoths that carry large melee weapons instead of guns. It has very thick armor plating, which makes it impervious to most damage.

Its main weak point is the spot behind the turret, which will destroy the Automaton quickly if hit. Otherwise, Stratagems like Orbital Strikes should be used to eliminate them.

Annihilator Tank

Annihilator Tanks are colossal machineries that have thick plating. It’s arguably the most potent and dangerous unit in the Automaton faction.

The only way to destroy a tank is to pour as many high-powered explosives and Stratagems as possible. Some weapons with high-explosive power can deal with them, but they are most commonly single-use items.


These aerial vehicles serve as transportation for other Automatons to enter the field.

It’s not worth using ammo on them because the robots they drop are higher-value targets. However, rocket launchers would be the most effective weapons if you feel like bringing one down.

These are all the enemies available at the moment. We can expect more factions or mob types will be included later in future updates. Players must wait for the roadmap to see what new enemies will debut in Helldivers 2.

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