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12,4 Million SP - 0,8 Million UNALLOCATED - 4 Billion ISK - 560 PLEX - 7 Implants - Ships - Miner Character + 2nd Character with 1,6 Million SP 7 days Seller After-sale protection

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$ 170.00

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  • 2. Receive an email with the Game Account details
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  • 4. Confirm the delivery
  • 5. Seller gets paid

 12.430.616 (12,4 Million) Trained + 793.020 (0,8 Million) Unallocated

560 Plex Included 

4,49 Billion  ISK  in the wallet to get you started

Total Net Worth: 9,31 Billion

Clone Implants:

Slot: 1: High-grade Talisman Alpha

Slot: 2: High-grade Talisman Beta

Slot: 3: High-grade Talisman Gamma

Slot: 4: High-grade Talisman Delta

Slot: 5: Social Adaption Chip – Improved

Slot: 9: Eifyr and Co. “Gunslinger” Surgical Strike ss.902

Slot: 10: Inherent Implants “Yeti” Ice Harvesting IH-1003

Skills Trained: 

Armor: Hull Upgrades 5, Mechanics 5, Repair Systems 4

Corporation Management: Corporation Management 1

Drones: Amarr Drone Specialization 1, Caldari Drone Specialization 1, Drone Avionics 1, Drone Durability, 1 Drone Interfacing 4, Drone Navigation 3, Drone Sharpshooting 4, Drones 5, Gallente Drone Specialization, Heavy Drone Operation 1, Ice Harvesting Drone Operation 2, Light Drone Operation 5, Medium Drone Operation 1, Mining Drone Operation 5, Mining Drone Specialization 3, Sentry Drone Interfacing 1

Electric Systems: Propulsion Jamming 1, Sensor Linking 1

Engineering: CPU Management 5, Capacitor Emission Systems 3, Capacitor Management 3, Capacitor Systems Operation 4, Electrics Upgrades 1, Energy Grid Upgrades 3, Energy Pulse Weapons 1, Power Grid Management 4,5, Weapon Upgrades 4

Fleet Support: Leadership 1, Mining Director 2, Mining Foreman 5

Gunnery: Gunnery 5, Large Hybrid Turret 5, Large Railgun Specialization 1, Medium Hybrid Turret 3, Medium Projectile Turret 1, Sharpshooter 5, Small Hybrid Turret 5, Small Projectile Turret 3,5, Trajectory Analysis 1

Missiles: Light Missiles 3, Missile Bombardment 2, Missile Launcher Operation 4, Rapid Launch 3, Rockets 4

Navigation: Afterburner 3, Cynosural Field Theory 2, High Speed Maneuvering 1, Navigation 4, Wrap Drive Operation 3

Neural Enhancement: Advanced Infomorph Psychology 3, Biology 2, Cybernetics 5, Infomorph Psychology 5

Planet Management: Advanced Planetology 3, Command Center Upgrades 5, Interplanetary Consolidation 3, Planetology 4, Remote Sensing 3

Production: Industry 5, Mass Production 5

Resource Processing: Astrogeology 5, Ice Mining 5, Mining 5, Mining Upgrades 4, Reprocessing 5, Reprocessing Efficiency 3, Salvaging 2

Scanning: Survey 3

Science: Science 5

Shields: Shield Compensation 2, Shield Operation 3, Shield Upgrades 3, Tactical Shield Manipulation 1

Social: Connections 3, criminal Connections 3, Diplomacy 3, Fast Talk 3, Negotiation 3, Social 4

Spaceship Command: Caldari Frigate 4, Gallente Battlecruiser 3, Gallente battleship 1, Gallente Cruiser, Gallente Destroyer, Gallente Frigate, Gallente Hauler 1, Industrial Command Ships 1, Mining Barge 3, Mining Frigate 3, ORE Hauler 3, Spaceship Command 5

Structure Management: Anchoring 1

Targeting: Long Range Targeting 3, Target Management 3

Trade: Broker Relations 2, Marketing 2, Retail 1, Trade 2 



Shuttle: Apotheosis, Amarr Shuttle, 2x Caldari Shuttle, Gallente Shuttle

Corvette: 5 x Ibis,

Frigate: Bantam, Executioner, Venture

Cruiser: Vexor

Destroyer: Catalyst, Comorant

Combat Battlecruiser: Gnosis

Battleship: Megathron

Hauler: Iteron Mark V, Nereus

Mining Barge: 2x Retriever ICE Mining and ORE Mining, Covetor


Filaments, and a lot of Assets

2 attribute remaps

Character Made for Mining but  can be used for everything

Located in   Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

2007. date of birth, gender is female, Caldari origin

e-mail and Password will given to you after payment 

Included also other character with 1,6 million SP

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