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When one thinks of the perfect ultimate survival horror MMORPG, Dead Frontier comes up. And why shouldn’t it? This Dead Frontier Marketplace has sellers with offers for everything that a player will need to survive the desolate world ruined by the undead.

PlayerAuctions' Dead Frontier Marketplace

PlayerAuctions is an independent player-to-player marketplace for buying and selling virtual video game property. PlayerAuctions is NOT endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by Dead Frontier or its trademark owner.

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About Dead Frontier Online Marketplace

Dead Frontier Trading 101: The Ultimate Guide for Leveling, Items, & More

Dead Frontier is a relatively simple game where players only have a single goal: to kill as many zombies as they can. Everything else within Dead Frontier is just a glamorous costume—a peripheral to the ultimate objective at hand. The only thing that players need to worry about is how they can up the ante even further to kill more zombies. Of course, such a broad goal trickles down into a spiral of intricacies that need to be addressed such as a player’s level, their armor and weapons, and many more. Simply put, there’s a lot that they need to cover if they want to get good at the game.

Boosting Services for Dead Frontier

Grinding is no easy task. After all, it’s often repetitive and monotonous. However, so long as players know where and when to grind, then they’ll be able to save a lot of time besides just doing the same objectives over and over again. The problem is, not everyone knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to leveling up efficiently. As such, some players often avail boosting services in third-party marketplaces. Besides the seller taking control of a buyer’s account for a limited time, buyers could often make certain tweaks or add specifications as to what they want the seller to accomplish. A perfect example is the concept of Implant boosting. Implants in Dead Frontier can be treated as passive abilities or bonuses that players can equip to their character. These can range from Perception to Rage. Damage-based Implants such as Rage, Violence, and Destruction are often one of the most requested Implants that buyers want to acquire since they add a slight percentage increase to their character’s overall damage output.

Getting Dead Frontier Accounts

For the folks that aren’t comfortable with the idea of lending their account to someone else, fear not, because there’s an alternative. They can simply get a Dead Frontier account for themselves with all the nuts and bolts. Whether a buyer wants a fresh account that they can tinker around with while playing with their main account or one that has everything that they could ever need, players have the freedom to choose an account that’s fitted to their preferences.

If a player is looking to do the grinding all by themselves but wants a little bit of help, then they have the option to get a Dead Frontier account that has Clan Boosts or Drugs. Clan Boosts are exclusive to players who are part of a Clan or a group. Clan Boosts affect how much a player has to grind. By granting the player +10% Damage, +10% Damage Reduction, and +10% Experience bonus, they’ll not only have an easier time in doing missions and whatnot, but they’ll also gain more experience out of each session.

Drugs, on the other hand, are much simpler to understand. They’re an item that gives a significant boost to a player; there are all sorts of Drugs available in Dead Frontier. A Damage Boost Drug gives them a 50% increase in their DPS rate. There’s also the Speed Boost Drug which increases a player’s speed up to 35%. And finally, the Exp Boost Drug grants players 50% more experience points than normal. There’s a two-hour and twenty-four-hour variant of the Drugs, making it perfect for those who just want to receive its effects for either a short period or the whole day. Drugs are typically bought with credits, one of the currencies in the game.

The Dead Frontier Marketplace: A Major Hub for Items

Whether a gamer is just starting to get into Dead Frontier or is already an expert, surely they know about the existence of the Dead Frontier Marketplace. It’s the major hub for everything item-related. Players can purchase all kinds of Equipment, Weapons, Food, and even Medication should they be injured. There are many merchants, deals, and looters in Dead Frontier, and the best part is, players can also take part in the selling activities.

Players can sell the items they no longer need by posting them in the Marketplace. It’s even possible to sell certain services and employ other players for the same purposes. A prime example would be a player who’s looking for someone willing to do consistent repairs on their armor. In the Dead Frontier Marketplace, it’s possible to hire a fellow gamer that specializes in Engineering. For a fee such as credits, they’ll be more than willing to be of service.

Of course, not everything is entirely available in the Dead Frontier Marketplace, which is why there are folks out there that turn to other types of markets available that instead deal with real money. Sure there’s a ton of items that they can find there, but the problem arises when a player doesn’t have enough credits or items that are substantial enough for a trade.

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