What Baldur's Gate 3 Class Are You?

In the sprawling city of Baldur's Gate, where intrigue and danger lurk around every corner, every adventurer must find their path. Baldur's Gate 3 invites players into a realm where each class boasts unique abilities, stories, and challenges. From the stealthy maneuvers of the Rogue to the divine interventions of the Cleric, each class carves its own destiny in the Forgotten Realms. Ever wondered which Baldur's Gate 3 class aligns with your inner adventurer? Embark on our 'Baldur's Gate 3 Class Quiz' and discover your role in the epic saga that unfolds. Are you ready to step into the world of Dungeons & Dragons and unveil your true class? Venture forth, hero, and let the weave of magic and might determine your fate!
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Unearth Your Class Legacy in the Baldur's Saga! 🌌🗡

Over the years since the Baldur's Gate series first captivated the hearts of RPG enthusiasts, a burning question has persisted: "Which Baldur's Gate class truly embodies my spirit?" With three main titles and a legacy that has shaped the role-playing genre, the series offers a myriad of classes, each with its own lore, skills, and intricacies.

In this quiz, we won't traverse the entire history of the Baldur's Gate series. Instead, our sights are set on the latest installment, "Baldur's Gate 3", and the diverse classes it introduces.

What Are Baldur's Gate 3 Classes?

These are the archetypes you adopt as you embark on your journey through the tumultuous city and its surrounding dangers. Each class provides a unique gameplay narrative, from the arcane spells of the Wizard to the martial prowess of the Fighter. Your class choice not only dictates your combat strategies but also influences your interactions, alliances, and story arcs.

While some adventurers remain loyal to a single class, exploring its depths and nuances, others might dabble in multiple classes, seeking the one that resonates most with their playstyle. And with Baldur's Gate 3's rich narrative and branching choices, your class can significantly impact the outcomes of your quests and interactions.

However, with the evolution of the series, some fans have voiced concerns about the balance and distinctiveness of classes, especially with new abilities and potential overlaps. For instance, while the Warlock class, with its eldritch pacts, offers a fresh perspective, how does it set itself apart from the traditional spellcasters like Sorcerers or Wizards?

Classes in this Baldur's Gate 3 Quiz

This quiz encompasses all the classes featured in Baldur's Gate 3. This means you could find affinity with any of the following:


A fierce and primal warrior, the Barbarian uses their inner rage to unleash powerful attacks on their foes during battle. They’re well-known for their endurance, physical prowess, and ability to withstand punishing blows that would kill an ordinary man. One of the defining features of a Barbarian is their power to enter a state of Rage during combat. Sometimes, being angry all the time isn’t so bad; it might even enhance your resilience and strength.


Bards are all about being Charismatic. They’re an iconic class in Dungeons & Dragons, so it makes sense for them to be in Baldur’s Gate 3 as well. Bards have an artistic vision that few people can understand, but it lets them cast Spells and Cantrips. As the master of magic, song, and speech, Bards are excellent at persuading others. That’s not a surprise—given that they have proficiencies in Dexterity and Charisma.


Bards, Druids, and Paladins; these classes can heal, but the Cleric is the best at doing so. Clerics are always a plus on a party’s side, mainly because they excel at supporting a group with their healing Spells and hindering enemies with debuffs. Since this class has access to various weapons and medium armor, Clerics make decent switch-hitters who can hop between the Rogue/Caster and melee frontline Party Zone whenever necessary. You don’t always have to stay in one corner as a healer.


Druids bring versatility to the table. With medium armor and shield proficiency, they’re one of the game’s most durable spellcasters. Their utility, such as Wild and Speak With Animals, makes them a tanky melee threat. You could even fly to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to other classes. The only flipside to being a Druid is that you might feel that you can’t settle into just one role for your party since you don’t excel in any roles as much as dedicated specialists.


There’s nothing terrible about being a regular, sword-swinging adventurer. Sometimes, the best way to experience something is through the eyes of someone ordinary, and that’s what the Fighter is. Fighters can wear all kinds of Shields and Armor, giving them high survivability and the perfect choice for 1v1 scenarios. It’s like you’re a Barbarian, but you must be more tactical about your choices.


Monks tend to start with very few spells and proficiencies in CRPGs, but that’s not the case with Baldur’s Gate 3. With high Dexterity and Strength, Monks can survive bloodbaths while still being able to deal decent damage and avoid hits. The class also gives a bit of leeway when it comes to variety. You can focus on different Monk abilities varying in style across different subclasses, from ninja-esque combat actions to elemental abilities.


If you love roleplay, Paladin is the perfect class for you. As a divine warrior who can offer healing, crowd control, and impactful damage, you have the power to make or break a battle. Paladins can change their subclass through their actions. To uphold your Oath or to become an Oathbreaker? Ultimately, the right choice is for you to discover.


With a deep connection with nature, Rogues are unrivaled in scouting and tracking. Ranged combat is their bread and butter, so it makes sense they can meld into the natural realm with their finesse. What sets Rangers apart is that they can pick between three subclasses, the Hunter, Beast Master, and Gloom Stalker.


The Rogue is all about stealth, letting this class gain the upper hand when foes least expect it. As masters of precise strikes and deception, Rogues have exceptional melee and ranged combat skills. Their skill set outside combat situations, like pickpocketing, lockpicking, and trap disarming, makes them extremely useful.


Sorcerers can wield metamagic, a unique trait that empowers and enhance a class’ spells in many ways. So even if their spell book isn’t as thick compared to a Wizard’s, their powerful bursts of magic damage can pierce even the toughest armor. When it comes to smooth-talking your way out of perilous situations, you’re a natural—thanks to all that Charisma.


What do Warlocks have that Sorcerers and Wizards don’t? A companion. The class offers a mixture of ranged and melee spells they can use while their companion distracts the enemy. Bound by a pact with their patron, Warlocks can use their supernatural abilities and wipe out foes with formidable AoE spells.


Wizards have an extensive knowledge of arcane magic, making them the masters of spellbooks and ancient tomes. By having the most spell list in Baldur’s Gate, they’re best at ranged combat, utility, control, and AoE spells. As long as Wizards carefully prep their spells and plan accordingly for each fight, they can seize victories despite being a glass cannon at times.

Certain classes have always held a special place in the hearts of fans, be it for their iconic abilities or the lore that surrounds them. The Fighter, with its versatility in combat, has been a foundational choice for many. Conversely, the Warlock, with its otherworldly patrons, offers a blend of magic and mystery that has intrigued many new players.

Engage in This 'What Baldur's Gate 3 Class Are You?' Quiz

Remember, this quiz is crafted for enjoyment and to deepen your connection to the world of Baldur's Gate. It's not an absolute measure of your RPG persona. If the result doesn't quite fit, feel free to retake the quiz or choose a different class when diving into the game.

Regardless of your class inclination, the city of Baldur's Gate and its myriad mysteries await. Step into the realm, adventurer, and may your chosen class illuminate your path through challenges and chaos!

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