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The Beginner’s Guide to Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero Beginner’s Guide

Zenless Zone Zero is HoYoverse’s brand new gacha game, with an emphasis on stylish action combat. In this guide, we will talk about some tips and tricks to make your experience in Zenless Zone Zero easier and more fun.


Tip #1 Complete the Main Story Quests

The main story in Zenless Zone Zero is there to guide you through the game’s many systems, as well as provide some rewards and incentives to build up your characters. These quests are marked by a red exclamation point on top of an NPC, showing you who to talk to and accept quests from.

Tip #2 Mastering The Combat System

Stylish combat is the name of the game in Zenless Zone Zero, as learning its mechanics will not only make your missions run smoother but you’ll also look cool while doing it. The most important mechanics to learn are the Perfect Assists and Perfect Dodge. When you see an enemy flashing yellow, switch to another character immediately to parry that attack and enact a powerful counter hit. When enemies have multiple attacks, and you have already parried the first hit, do not make any attack to continue parrying the flurry automatically.

Tip #3 Suppressing the Urge to Reroll

The game’s starter roster features Billy, Anby, and Nicole, who are all great for the game’s combat system. You can get by with these three for the rest of the game, as the gacha in ZZZ can take a while to get. The A-ranked Agents in the game are great options, since even non-meta Agents can clear harder content well enough.

Remember, there are two different currencies for rolling characters in the game: Master Tapes and Encrypted Master Tapes. The Encrypted Master Tapes are required to roll for limited banners, so make sure to save them up for a limited character of your choice.

Tip #4 Farming Experience for Leveling Agents and W-Engines

As you progress through Zenless Zone Zero’s story, enemies start scaling higher and higher in stats. You will need to level your Agents to stay up to date with the current content you’re playing in. Head to the Combat Simulation mode and select “Basic Material” in order to increase your roster’s stats. These will reward you with Investigator’s Logs, the only source of experience in ZZZ. Slaying monsters and bosses will not reward your Agents XP, so complete as many Combat Simulations as you can to help your Agent’s reach their full potential.

The same applies to your W-Engine enhancement as well. Since these govern the base damage you do in every attack, upgrading your W-Engines is vital to keeping up with the increasing enemy health and Daze meters. Once you have upgraded your chosen W-Engine to the max, you can deal some incredible damage with it.

Tip #5 Claim Your Daily Login Rewards

Zenless Zone Zero has a daily login system on their check-in website, which provides currencies and items like Dennies and Polychrome for rolls. These rewards will stack up as you continue logging in, so make sure that you check in once per day for free rewards.

Tip #6 Finding Mini Cargo Trucks

These interactables are found all throughout the city of New Eridu. These boxes contain extra items and rewards. These are marked by a blue X on the boxes, so take the time to explore the hub area and its many streets for these objects.

Tip #7 Diversifying Your Team Composition

Zenless Zone Zero’s combat mechanics allow many Agents to excel at certain aspects of fighting. Some Agents are best played as support characters, buffing their team or debuffing enemies. Other Agents provide powerful stun attacks that set up enemies for a high damaging follow-up attack with the main DPS. Of course, there are also Agents that dish out raw DPS with their skills. It’s important to have a team with one of each role available.

A great starter team in ZZZ would be Soukaku for damage, Anby for stunning, and Nicole for support. If you ever obtain new Agents, make sure that your team comp always has one DPS, one Stun and one Support Agent to maximize your combat effectiveness and make harder missions a breeze.

Tip #8 Things To Do When Progression Is Slow

If you ever find yourself stuck in a certain stage or want to push towards harder content, do the following activities in order:

  • Level your Inter-Knot Level
  • Upgrade W-Engines
  • Attach Disc Drives to equipped W-Engines
  • Complete Daily Errands
  • Run VR Training
  • Do Exploration Commissions
  • Complete early Hollow Zero missions, Shiyu Defense and Rally Commissions

Starting with your Inter-Knot Level, this is the core progression level for your account in Zenless Zone Zero. Not only will this unlock new features for you in the game, but this will increase the max level of your Agents, W-Engines, and Bangboos as well.

If you are lacking in damage output, upgrading your W-Engines will go a long way to helping you clear harder bosses and monsters. Disc Drives will also help imbue your W-Engine with additional stats and synergies that enhance your Agent’s performance in combat.

Exploration Commissions and Daily Errands will help you stock up on Polychromes for rolls in the future, as well as upgrade materials for your Agents and W-Engines. All this is done to help you complete Hollow Zero, Shiyu Defense, and Rally Commissions, as these are ZZZ’s definitive endgame modes.

Tip #9 Zenless Zone Zero’s Pity System Explained

If you’re ever rolling for a certain Agent, the game has a pity system that provides a measure of bad luck protection. Every time you roll, the 10th roll in a sequence will be guaranteed as either an A-ranked Agent / W-Engine or S-rank. However, if you still lack the S-ranked Agent in a banner after 89 rolls, the 90th roll will guarantee an S-ranked Agent.

Take note that in featured character-specific banners, there is a 50/50 chance of your rolled Agent not being the one featured in that banner. If you fail the 50/50, the next S-ranked Agent roll will guarantee the featured character.

If you are set on rolling for a specific character, you will have to save up on a lot of Polychrome or Monochrome to guarantee that character.

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