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WoW Cata Classic: Throne of the Four Winds Guide

Throne of the Four Winds Guide


Throne of the Four Winds is a relatively short raid, with only two encounters in total: The Conclave of Wind and Al’akir. However, these bosses do require a lot of coordination in the team. Understanding each encounter’s mechanics will help give you and your team an idea of what to do. We will also provide some team strategies to make Throne of the Four Winds more manageable in practice.

The Conclave of Wind guide

This encounter has a council-style of boss fight, with three bosses: Anshal, Nezir and Rohash. The goal of this encounter is defeating all bosses within one minute of the first kill, as failing to kill them within that period will cause all of them to heal back to full, wiping the raid in the process. Leaving one boss alone during the encounter will also wipe the raid, so it‘s important that the whole raid splits into three teams.

Each boss has an Energy meter that when filled up, will cause the bosses to unleash their own powerful ability, which must be dealt with immediately.

Here are the individual mechanics for each Conclave member:


  • Soothing Breeze: Anshal will leave behind a field of healing wind, which will rapidly heal Anshal and his minions while they are standing on it. Players standing on this field will also be silenced when stepping on the field.
    • The tank must pull Anshal and any adds away from this field to prevent extending the fight any longer than necessary.
  • Nurture: Anshal will summon 5 Ravenous Creepers in the arena. These minions will emit a poison that deals damage that ramps up in stacks.
    • These minions must be immediately CC’ed and burst down to prevent damage from spreading to the team.
  • Zephyr: At 100 Energy, Anshal will heal the Ravenous Creeper minions as well as buffing their health and damage output.
    • This can be avoided by killing all Ravenous Creepers before Anshal reaches 100 Energy, as there is no way to dispel this buff or prevent it.


  • Wind Chill: All players within Nezir’s arena take Frost damage every 10 seconds, which also makes them take 10% more damage per stack.
    • Players cannot stay in Nezir’s arena for long, meaning teams must swap places between Nezir and another boss
  • Permafrost: Nezir will create a frontal cone blast on the tank every 10 seconds.
    • The tank must use their cooldowns while the healer must use their burst healing options.
  • Sleet Storm: When Nezir has 100 Energy, Nezir unleashes a storm on the arena, dealing heavy damage ticks to everyone in the arena.
    • The Nezir team must stack on each other to split the damage evenly. All other DPS players not on Nezir’s arena must head there and stack with the Nezir team to split the damage even more. Healers must use their cooldowns to keep the entire team topped up on health.


  • Tornado: Rohash releases a bunch of tornadoes that will throw any player that touches it off the platform.
    • Melee players must keep watch of any incoming tornadoes, while ranged players can avoid these by standing near one of the launchpads in the arena.
  • Wind Blast: Rohash blasts a constant gust of wind and begins rotating. Players caught in this attack will be flung off the edge of the arena.
    • Melee players must watch the boss’ cast bar, as the attack animation can be difficult to spot.
  • Hurricane: Upon reaching 100 Energy, Rohash will launch all players in his arena in the air and keep them suspended. This deals heavy tick damage and after 15 seconds, will drop all players on the ground, which deals massive fall damage.
    • All players must leave this area before the boss reaches 100 Energy, except for a healer who can cast instant healing spells as the storm still allows instant skills to still be cast.

A tried and tested team composition for this encounter is as follows:

  • Anshal: 1 tank, 1 healer, 3 DPS
  • Nezir: 1 tank, 1 healer
  • Rohash: 1 healer. 2 DPS

Rohash does not need a tank to draw his aggro as many of his attacks are ranged, and most of them are easily avoidable. For the teams handling Nezir and Anshal, they must occasionally swap places since Nezir will deal unavoidable damage stacks, which are only removed by getting off Nezir’s platform.

When Nezir casts his ultimate ability, Sleet Storm, every DPS in all three arenas must head to the northern arena to help soak the damage. Once it ends, all the DPS players can return to their original positions to keep damaging their bosses.

Al’akir boss guide

This boss requires strict execution as he has many more mechanics at play. Al’akir has three phases, which start at 100%, 80%, then 25% HP. Phases 2 and 3 are especially difficult and require heavy DPS.

Phase 1

Al’akir will cast the following mechanics during this phase

  • Electrocute: Al’akir will cast a lightning attack that will hit the nearest target.
  • Lightning Strike: Al’akir will hit a random player with a cone of channeled lightning, which chains to other players standing in the radius.
    • Everyone except the tank must immediately leave the lightning area to avoid taking more AoE damage.
  • Wind Burst: Al’akir knocks the entire raid back with a gust of wind, dealing raid-wide damage.
    • Everyone must get as close to Al’akir as possible so that all players will land safely near the edge of the arena.
  • Static Shock: Al’akir interrupts all spell casts to players standing in melee range.
    • All ranged players must stand at the arena’s edge to avoid getting shocked.
  • Ice Storms: Al’akir places ice storms on the arena that move around and leave behind patches of ice.
  • Squall Line: A line of tornadoes rotates around the arena, which deals heavy damage and stuns any player caught by it for 5 seconds.
    • When this attack occurs, look for a gap in the wall of tornadoes to pass through it safely. If the Wind Burst attack is about to go through, prioritize getting close to the boss and take the hit, as falling off the arena will instantly kill you.

Phase 2

This phase removes the Lightning Strike, Ice Storm, and Wind Burst mechanics, except for Squall Line. Al’akir will also introduce a couple of new mechanics to this phase. By this point, everyone must use all their burst damage cooldowns and try to beat Al’akir.

  • Acid Rain: All players in the raid will receive a stack of Acid Raid every 15 seconds, which deals DoTs that ramp up per stack.
    • Whether for damage mitigation, healing, or damage, everyone must put out high numbers to safely reach Phase 3.
  • Stormlings: These minions will spawn in the second phase and they can cause nearby players to take 25% more damage.
    • The off-tank must pull the add away from the group while all ranged players prioritize the Stormling, as its death will cause Al’akir to take more damage.

Phase 3

The boss will destroy the arena and send everyone floating in the air. In this phase, you and your team can now float and move up and down in elevation. Additionally, Al’akir will no longer require drawing aggro, but there are a few attacks that can be avoided.

  • Lightning Clouds: Al’akir selects a random player and places storm clouds above them. The storm clouds have a large radius and will cause any player staying under or near them to take heavy damage until they dissipate.
    • All players must stay stacked together so that everyone can predict where the next area will be affected.
  • Lightning Rod: A random player will be inflicted with the Lightning Rod debuff, which causes them to deal damage to any nearby teammates.
    • The affected player must split from the team, either to the left or the right, to avoid hurting their teammates.

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